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Help with getting the most of the Ultimate Collection

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Hey there guys!
I've just signed up for the forums on this informative and awesome site. Call me Newbie, please! I adore it so much and it's pretty accurate right now. Well let's just keep it clear and short. I bought the Ultimate Collection today for Origin and I installing all of them right now, one by one. I was thinking about this for a long long time to be honest. First of all, I don't like to give money to EA for like almost 20 years now, I've never been a big of them, at least in this millenium. Knowing them as the 'executioner of the beloved companies' of which Westwood is only one of them. On the other hand, I'm not the 'hardocore' fan of the whole franchise, by the means of having everything everywhere and played all of the games 1k+ hours or so, if you know my drift. I have started with Tiberian Sun back in 2001/02 and played through Red Alert 2 (omitted Yuri's Revenge), Tiberium Wars + Kane's Wrath and a bit of Red Alert 3 vanilla but but actually it bored me pretty fast and i haven't finished even the first campaign. I know, it may sound for some of you guys here like another guy that went the wrong way / lost himself and bought something that he doesn't like and now will make complains. NO! Not at all. That's not the point. If I can... Please... I remember playing the first games at my older cousins place way back in the mid of the 90' and i'v alwyas wanted to revisit them probably because of a kind of nostalgia that's still in me cause of that and to try and see how it all started as well, i mean the whole genera of RTS's. I can call myself a bigger fan of Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 than the C&C games but I have really appreciated and founding the Ultimate Collection EA Origin ver. code for 6 GBP was the moment i went "Hey! Now or never". So my question is more simple than this whole post i guess  but i kinda wanted to introduce myself even if i wont be on the forums a lot, cause of life as we all know it. Like I said in the beginning "let's keep it clear and short". Now is the moment (!!! HERE TL;DR HERE !!!!) What is the best way to play the classics nowadays? For now I only consider the single player. I know about OpenRa and C&C Online stuff. I'm glad that all of this is still going on and proud, despite EA's efforts to slay this venerable and unfortunately forgotten franchise. But only if I could, can i ask for some help setting up the best possible mods/patches/maybe conversions but not disrespecting the core of the games. I'm thinking about some resolutions and UI tweaks on them that will make my big playthrough just a bit more modern. I plan to make this work on a simple 8 year old laptop for now, with Windows7 x64, 1366x768 max, Intel i3 2.1 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 520M and 4 Gb of RAM. Yeah that should be all i have to say i guess. Maybe I'm just excited to much but makes me feel that way. Any help would be appreciated. And to all that had read all of this... thank You.


With regards


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Otherwise, I'd point you to our guide (wonder why nobody browses to it themselves...) here: https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/fully-updating-the-ultimate-collection/


However, a recent update broke the compatibility of the key factor in setting up The Ultimate Collection - the fixed launchers by Bibber - yet again, so until he or anyone else finds a solution, patching isn't really effective, unless you get the freeware versions of games up to and including Tiberian Sun: Firestorm from CnCNet.

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