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Good day to all

i am working on special power to spawn shredder turrets like scrin lighting spike but i have a problem that the turrets not spawned all but the hub

the question is how to spawn it like they building it at the building queue

i hope someone know this problem and has its fix

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I never tried spawn structure that way but assuming you can use some code that let you to "build" the structure rather than spawn in on the summon point, it may be possible (it should be since there's unit ability that does it but I never tried it as Support power)

If you want you can just make new xml for the shredders, remove the slave code that make it attach to the hub, and set your support power to spawn all three instead

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good day to all

thanks for your reply i make the obelisk of light and it works fine and i make new xml for the turrets but there is a lot of options in ocl .

and this is what you mean?

        LocalPlayerOnly="False" />
        Amount="3" />

i tried to remove it but i don't know how to make the sp spell the 3 turrets

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