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Cnc4 Reckoner subterranean ability (resolved)

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Hello guys,

I have tried to add subterranean ability to the cnc4 reckoner in my mod(Hybrid Ascension) by trying to mimic the mastermind teleport without select objects but so far no luck. The ability doesnt even show up in the units ability buttom bar.

If anyone could help me with the codes or maybe provide source code for it would be great.


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I eventually plan to add it on my mod as well (though it will act a bit different but the digging ability will be the same)

I would try to go with the jump jet ability or shock trooper teleprtation ability instead though, the whole digging itself will be a fake with animations that cover it up xP


if you don't mind wait (but it will take a while till I reach it) I could give you the code when it be ready.


if you do, simply mimic Shock or zone abilities and change them to fit your needs

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