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  1. Actually i meant the codes i already have the models.
  2. If anyone has Spider Tank and Widow source codes for cnc3, please share.
  3. Oh so it seems to be a 3dsmax thing. I am noob in 3dsmax. I can only do basic things. I saw the tutorial by killakanz. I could understand it but not completely. And even if there is some changes required in the models provided in the cnc4artpack and I am able to do them in Max, still it will be hell for me because it will save it max format, and the export to w3x always gives me annoying errors which I cant understand.
  4. I don't know if there is single tread texture or multiple, I thought it has to be referenced in the xml in a particular way wrt the bones to make them move. With the buggy, in Max I found two set of bones on the cannons, one was for particle fx and other one behind it had a random name, i used it as the recoil bone in the xml but it didnt work, the recoil doesnt showup while shooting
  5. Hi guys, I need some guidance on how to assign the tread animation bones to the xml files, I added the cnc3 mammoth as a tier4 to my Mod, but its treads do not animate with movement. Can any point me to the right direction? Second thing is the recoil of some units like the Raider buggy from cnc4 is also not working. Help appreciated always.
  6. I have done this with CNC4 cyborg in my mod (unreleased), When the cyborg is killed it just spawns to its broken form. Create an OCL that spawns the new broken unit on death. Create the new broken unit as another unit. Modify the xmls so that when it spawns the broken cyborg, you cant build another one until it dies.
  7. I found the source code of the termination mod, i did exactly what he did for the SP but it still doesnt showup ingame. I m buzzed now the wierd thing is, the AI uses the SP i made, but I cant
  8. Thanks Raven, will do.
  9. Hi guys, Its me once again. I am making good progress with my mod so far. Yet, I am stuck with two things, new weapons and sounds. Please guide if there are tutorials or threads about adding weapons and sounds. By adding weapons I do not mean the editing of the weapon.xml, thats too easy and I know it. I mean adding new effects, particles, projectiles, colors etc to the new weapons I have made. Second thing is how do I integrate new sound files to the new units I have added. Help is always appreciated.
  10. Hey Bro, Thanks a million, I tried deleting the temp and doc wrathed folder and now wrathed gamma is running, except that I have to read with the documentation on how to mod KW lol
  11. If you have the crawler drill set please share with me. Thanks bro.
  12. Are you talking about the display language? Its English. I don't use PCs in my local language. Dont know if u asking something else. I can recall a year or two back I ran Wrathed on the same system and it was running fine, but back then I had no knowledge that wrathed could be used for xml extraction other than KW modding. Too bad it doesnt run now while I need it.
  13. The subterranean drill animation is <3 , I am talking about the one which deploys the crawler :) I love it. Though I too want the subterranean reckoner from cnc4. I will try to work on it. Carnius was able to make subterranean transfers in TE mod, that means its possible. It is somewhat similar to the Alien Mastermind ability. Anyways, thanks for the help. Do tell me if you find anything on the subterranean stuff. Thanks
  14. Hey bro, thanks for the help. The good news is, I figured out what the animations are meant, and I was able to scale the infantry by merging all the w3x and scaling them, it worked now they showup in the game. This thread questions are actually solved now. Thanks to you. Also I added few more cnc4 units which are actually working fine except that I have limited them to normal cnc3 style combat, as I dont know about special abilities too much. Specially the subterranean animations of cnc4 are awesome I sooooo want them in cnc3, The KW unofficial big bang mod, has the subterranean animation from cnc4 for MOK, but bad luck is that its KW and I cant mod KW bcs of the wrathed not working. I tried to work on one SP but failed repeatedly, so I guess I should keep trying and keep looking for help. The problem is, almost all the forums are dead. Replies are once in a blue moon.
  15. Yes I always open these programs as admin and in compatibility mode. This Wrathed has become a special case for me, I tried turning off the Antivirus but still it doesnt do anything. :/