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  1. It happens with banner carriers often, I think its because of inside garrison models. Havent tried to change it yet though to check if it resolves the issue. 🔜
  2. ok thanks will try
  3. Yes thanks I already reviewed the juggernaught and avatar husks data and code. The question to be more specific is, do i need to create husk art separately? Or can it be done through die animations?
  4. Hi everyone, I am planning to make husks in my TW mod for some more units other than the default walkers like avatar, tripod and juggernaught. Titan, Wolverine, Mastodon, Redeemer, MARV and others. Can anyone help or give me a hint or so. so that i can start.
  5. Hey guys, Does anyone know if there is an exporter for w3x files in any later versions of 3dsmax after 7-9. I have 3dsmax2010, the w3x import works but there is no option to export to w3x. Also the import at times fails in 3dsmax 9 thats why I had to use a later version. All my modeling progress will be futile if max10 cant export If there is any link please post. Or is there any other 3d modeling tool besides max which can export to w3x please guide? Thanks
  6. It was WrathEd 1.07 beta, you provided me wrathed bro sorry for the late reply, am busy in post grad exams :/
  7. Yes they were viewable with TW definitions, though at some points in the xml it was showing "asset not found" phrase while almost 95% was viewable
  8. https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=40096 This is the link to the forum page. There you will find the link to download. If peeking would help, do tell me, because i already tried to view the xml through wrathed , they are way to complex than the other units xml codes, atleast for me.
  9. Hello guys, I have tried to add subterranean ability to the cnc4 reckoner in my mod(Nods Ascension) by trying to mimic the mastermind teleport without select objects but so far no luck. The ability doesnt even show up in the units ability buttom bar. If anyone could help me with the codes or maybe provide source code for it would be great. Thanks
  10. Actually bro, there is someone who made a cnc3 mod by the name Phi mod, it is there on ppm. It had spider tanks and widow added to nod. And they worked just like TT. The spider tanks were able to garrison inside the widow which increased its firepower. This is what i want to do. Adding widow and spider tank is not a problem, getting them to work like that is. I contacted the guy who made that mod but there is no response.
  11. Actually i meant the codes i already have the models.
  12. If anyone has Spider Tank and Widow source codes for cnc3, please share.
  13. Oh so it seems to be a 3dsmax thing. I am noob in 3dsmax. I can only do basic things. I saw the tutorial by killakanz. I could understand it but not completely. And even if there is some changes required in the models provided in the cnc4artpack and I am able to do them in Max, still it will be hell for me because it will save it max format, and the export to w3x always gives me annoying errors which I cant understand.
  14. I don't know if there is single tread texture or multiple, I thought it has to be referenced in the xml in a particular way wrt the bones to make them move. With the buggy, in Max I found two set of bones on the cannons, one was for particle fx and other one behind it had a random name, i used it as the recoil bone in the xml but it didnt work, the recoil doesnt showup while shooting
  15. Hi guys, I need some guidance on how to assign the tread animation bones to the xml files, I added the cnc3 mammoth as a tier4 to my Mod, but its treads do not animate with movement. Can any point me to the right direction? Second thing is the recoil of some units like the Raider buggy from cnc4 is also not working. Help appreciated always.