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  1. I downloaded all these and checked them one by one, maybe its something I am doing wrong, none of these was running, I just extracted and directly went to TOOLS and then wrathed.exe but again nothing happens and there is no error.
  2. The infantry showed up in the game without rescaling only, but the textures look awkard, sometimes they become white sometime red, looks real bad. Can you please tell me what are the proper shaders for Infantry and Vehicles that can be used for these imported units. Also if you could help me define the animations from cnc4, I mean what is meant by those names fore.g. , NUVEHICLE_AIDA, ATKA, BIDA, BIFA etc. what are these, I only understand the ones similar to cnc3.
  3. Bro i couldnt mod KW bcs wrathed doesnt run on my win8.1 laptop. I tried different version still it didnt run and there was no error. So i can only mod TW or generals. I more inclined to cnc3 so i mod TW. There is a TW mod named Termination. He has added two call for support powers for NOD. One is Stealth tank support call through NODcarryalls. Other is Venom craft call(12 elite venoms) arrive. Unluckily, wrathed doesnt run so i cant see his xmls. I do have skype. Can u help?
  4. There were two things i found missing, the NRM and SPEC dds files were not there i added them through Crazybump. I included those in the SKN.w3x with notepad++. and the shader was not as per cnc3. They appeared in game after that. Cnc4 commando, blackhand and engineer. I rescaled the commando with bibbersw3x scaler, then it became invisible again.
  5. Hey, I was able to solve the invisibility issue. The characters showed up. NOD Commando and BlackHand from cnc4, I had to scale them because they were like the size of Raidertank. Thanks to you and some tutorials about textures, I used Crazybump for normal and specular .dds creation. I also edited the xml according to the animations available for these guys. Like there was no suppression anim for these. Except for the fact that when I scaled they went invisible again. I have no idea why?
  6. I changed the shader, but it still didnt work. Looks like I am out of luck on modding. Every new thing I try keeps on failing.
  7. I got the part 2 answer. for part 1. How are shaders changed? thats something I havent done before. I dont think the unit will act funny because it was fine in KW Reloaded mod. I used the same source code. The invisible unit moves, fires does everything except being visible.
  8. PLEASE SEE THE CODE ATTACHED. It is all copied to a single text file for convenience. code.txt
  9. I got two questions. 1. I added cyborg commando from cnc4 art files and xml from KW Reloaded mod source code. The unit is invisible in the game. Please help 2. If I want to scale up or down a certain unit, how is it done? I mean which files I have to scale?
  10. I tried to copy the support reinforcement power of GDI bloodhounds, I wanted elite Raider tanks delivered to the battlefield through carryalls, I did everything that is for the bloodhounds but still it doesnt appear in the support bar.
  11. Yeah, it is in the logic command set of tiberium chemical plant and does it need to be in the logic command also? It is actually in both but still not shown in support bar
  12. Hey guys, I created a new support power for NOD similar to GDI bloodhound reinforcements, I created OCL, special power, Ability button, defined the spell book and then added it to the NOD Liquidation facility (chemical plant). But somehow the button doesnt showup. There were no errors in the mod build process. Can anyone help
  13. Anyways I was able to achieve what I wanted. Now Both turrets are there and they fire properly. I guess they have different bones. So the point that they both will fire from a single turret isnt right I guess. It was just a matter of tweaking the xml of the Radiertank.
  14. There is a mod named "Lockdown" which lets the scorpion keep both weapons, and both fire from their respective turrets. I dont know how exactly he did that. I asked the dev to help but couldnt get a reply. Bibbers tools really help if you want models etc. but the main modding thing is about the xmls which arent retrievable I guess. Wrathed doesnt get TW xmls from other mods I think.
  15. Shellmap Creation

    Much of a generals modding group is nowhere left I suppose