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cloaking field & disguise help

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I found a "SpecialDisguiseUpdate" module,

but I don't know how to use it.

I want to use it for a vehicle to make it look like an enemy vehicle - like the bomb truck from Generals or Sudden Transport from RA3


And, can the Cloaking Field's effect be changed in a way to have a limited duration?

(aka the stealth ability given by the cloaking field, be changed to stop/deactivate after a set amount of time)

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I think that code was belong to the fanatic (which seem to have this ability originally) before EA tossed it out,

Never really tried to use it and I have no idea if it works


For the cloaking field, the only way that may work which I'm aware of is through lua (since any kind of attached dummy will cause random bugs)

But I still need to try it on my end

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