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  1. commanderKW

    C&C Remastered Update: Sidebar and Full Production

    Not cartoony? As in "art style" or "tone"? "art style" - battlefield, call of duty etc ... have a realistic, serious look to them
  2. commanderKW

    C&C Remastered Update: Sidebar and Full Production

    Art direction seems somewhat cartoony
  3. I don't get the problem. But you can look at the scorpion tank (weapon/turret upgrade), mammoth tank(turret on a turret) and avatar (unit upgrades)
  4. commanderKW

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    Does anyone else who uses WrathEd "1.08" have a problem integrating the "Missing Global Stream Schemas"?
  5. commanderKW

    Missile projectile stuff

    Nevermind, I figured it out; NODMilitantRocketWeaponProjectile with MissileUpdate just can't target/force-fire the ground
  6. I'm trying to make "NODMilitantRocketWeaponProjectile" use the old C&C generals Missile behavoir, to act more like a RPG, but the rockets always disappear shortly after they're fired, and I can't figure out why. Can anyone help me out with this? <MissileUpdate id="0xB5CB00FF" FirstPercentIndent="20%" SecondPercentIndent="90%" GroundHitFX="FX_NODMissileMiss" FlightPathAdjustDistPerSecond="100" CurveFlattenMinDist="300" SidewaysDrift="10" OrientToFlightPath="True" MaxDistanceToTravel="600" MaxDistanceReachedFX="" IgnitionDelay="0.5s" IgnitionFX="FX_NODMilitantMissileFire" ExhaustTemplate="OrcaMissileTrail" DetonateCallsKill="True" FuelLifetime="0s" DetonateOnNoFuel="false"> </MissileUpdate>
  7. commanderKW

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <AudioFile id="aircraft_bombs_fall3s" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/aircraft_bombs_fall3s.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall1" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall1.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall2" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall2.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall6" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall6.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall7" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall7.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall8" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall8.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall9" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall9.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="ambexplo1" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/ambexplo1.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> </AssetDeclaration> These new sounds worked/compiled fine before adding the WE Global Stream Schema patch
  8. commanderKW

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    Hey, Nice addition but when I tried compiling my mod with new sounds, an error message: "Index was outside the abounds of the array" Also see attached log WrathEd_2019-04-24_16-36-54.txt
  9. commanderKW

    Building Infiltrator

    Ok, I fixed it: you have to make the NODShadowMachinePistol ignore buildings Thanks anyways
  10. Does anyone know how to make the "InfiltratorContain" behavior to work? <InfiltratorContain id="0xE2BE8598" ImmediatelyEnabled="true" Duration="10s" Effect="DISABLE"> <CanEnterFilter> <IncludeThing>NODShadowSquad</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>NODShadow</IncludeThing> </CanEnterFilter> </InfiltratorContain> I tried by adding the above code to the GDIPowerPlant's Behaviors, but the shadow team still cannot enter the building
  11. I got the damage to work now, thanks One more thing, I noticed that when a firehawk is shot down, the OCL debris firehawk always faces towards the right regardless of the direction the jet was flying in beforehand. What settings do I use (for presumably the "OCL_GDIFireHawkDebris") to make the debris to turn and face the correct direction instead? EDIT: Just add OrientToFlightPath="True" to physics
  12. I was wondering: how could I make destroyed firehawks crash in a similar style to jets from C&C Generals? Seeing that "JetSlowDeathBehavior" is no longer available, I tried giving the GDIFireHawk GameObject or GDIFireHawkDebris, a "FireWeaponWhenDead" module... but Even though the explosion FX appears, it doesn't do damage on impact. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
  13. Save images as jpg not bmp. jpg is smaller
  14. Do anyone know to edit the tooltip outline color? I can't find which texture or XML corresponds to it.