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  1. I have 2 problems with getting "A New Experience" to work with KW: 1. Where do I put the FreeCam shell map? I tried (C:\Users\AAA\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps\official, C:\Users\AAA\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps, C:\Users\AAA\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps) but ingame the maps "turn black" with high max camera heights zooming out 2. How do I compile a map with "BuildMap.bat"? I tried to compile maps with "BuildMap.bat", but it keeps saying "Error: the map doesn't exist"
  2. Doesn't exist/never released as far as I know.
  3. commanderKW

    C&C Remastered Update: Sidebar and Full Production

    Not cartoony? As in "art style" or "tone"? "art style" - battlefield, call of duty etc ... have a realistic, serious look to them
  4. commanderKW

    C&C Remastered Update: Sidebar and Full Production

    Art direction seems somewhat cartoony
  5. I don't get the problem. But you can look at the scorpion tank (weapon/turret upgrade), mammoth tank(turret on a turret) and avatar (unit upgrades)
  6. commanderKW

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    Does anyone else who uses WrathEd "1.08" have a problem integrating the "Missing Global Stream Schemas"?
  7. commanderKW

    Missile projectile stuff

    Nevermind, I figured it out; NODMilitantRocketWeaponProjectile with MissileUpdate just can't target/force-fire the ground
  8. I'm trying to make "NODMilitantRocketWeaponProjectile" use the old C&C generals Missile behavoir, to act more like a RPG, but the rockets always disappear shortly after they're fired, and I can't figure out why. Can anyone help me out with this? <MissileUpdate id="0xB5CB00FF" FirstPercentIndent="20%" SecondPercentIndent="90%" GroundHitFX="FX_NODMissileMiss" FlightPathAdjustDistPerSecond="100" CurveFlattenMinDist="300" SidewaysDrift="10" OrientToFlightPath="True" MaxDistanceToTravel="600" MaxDistanceReachedFX="" IgnitionDelay="0.5s" IgnitionFX="FX_NODMilitantMissileFire" ExhaustTemplate="OrcaMissileTrail" DetonateCallsKill="True" FuelLifetime="0s" DetonateOnNoFuel="false"> </MissileUpdate>
  9. commanderKW

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <AudioFile id="aircraft_bombs_fall3s" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/aircraft_bombs_fall3s.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall1" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall1.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall2" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall2.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall6" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall6.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall7" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall7.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall8" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall8.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="explodesmall9" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall9.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> <AudioFile id="ambexplo1" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/ambexplo1.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile> </AssetDeclaration> These new sounds worked/compiled fine before adding the WE Global Stream Schema patch
  10. commanderKW

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    Hey, Nice addition but when I tried compiling my mod with new sounds, an error message: "Index was outside the abounds of the array" Also see attached log WrathEd_2019-04-24_16-36-54.txt
  11. commanderKW

    Building Infiltrator

    Ok, I fixed it: you have to make the NODShadowMachinePistol ignore buildings Thanks anyways
  12. Does anyone know how to make the "InfiltratorContain" behavior to work? <InfiltratorContain id="0xE2BE8598" ImmediatelyEnabled="true" Duration="10s" Effect="DISABLE"> <CanEnterFilter> <IncludeThing>NODShadowSquad</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>NODShadow</IncludeThing> </CanEnterFilter> </InfiltratorContain> I tried by adding the above code to the GDIPowerPlant's Behaviors, but the shadow team still cannot enter the building
  13. I got the damage to work now, thanks One more thing, I noticed that when a firehawk is shot down, the OCL debris firehawk always faces towards the right regardless of the direction the jet was flying in beforehand. What settings do I use (for presumably the "OCL_GDIFireHawkDebris") to make the debris to turn and face the correct direction instead? EDIT: Just add OrientToFlightPath="True" to physics
  14. I was wondering: how could I make destroyed firehawks crash in a similar style to jets from C&C Generals? Seeing that "JetSlowDeathBehavior" is no longer available, I tried giving the GDIFireHawk GameObject or GDIFireHawkDebris, a "FireWeaponWhenDead" module... but Even though the explosion FX appears, it doesn't do damage on impact. Does anyone know what could be wrong?