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  1. Sorry, I wasn't clear with the first post; When I edited "AudioEvent" xmls... for example, making AudioEvent: "NOD_BlackDisciples_Upgrade" louder by changing the volume setting in its AudioEvent xml, the sound will become completely silent ingame
  2. How do edit the settings of the default ingame sounds in KW, without extracting and re-importing them? When I integrate the modded sound XMLs, those sounds simply become completely silent - I think it's because the game cannot find the sound files/it dones't realise that those sound files already exist in the game
  3. I had the same problems when I tried removing the specter's turret... I think it's an engine limitation
  4. commanderKW

    How to make mod maps in TW?

    Those tutorials seems pretty good; I've found them helpful
  5. FireWeaponUpdate seems to have problems - I've had difficulties modding with that module. As a workaround - you can give the unit a short ranged, large radius, weapon with an invisible firing effect. And add a cosmetic effect to the unit to simulate it the damaging aura
  6. commanderKW

    Parachute stuff

    Would you post the link to that?
  7. WE isn't finished so it doesn't work with certain xml such as AI and some others
  8. As far as I know, DamageAndSpawnNugget is either broken in KW, or WE doesn't properly compile that code nugget A work around; I recommend experimenting with the 'OCL death spawn' nugget used by the Redemption SP in the nod militants xml - The Rig is like the MCV; it changes into a building - look at the code and replace the animations and make a building the deployed specter model
  9. commanderKW

    Parachute stuff

    Yes, I remember the parachutes from the Fallout mod How did C&C Generals create paradrop tanks and paratroopers? Is there any reusable code/method from it?
  10. I have a parachute model, but what do i code so that the Armageddon bomber paradrops tanks or soldiers (aka add paratroopers)? Do I also need to use specific KindOf(s)?
  11. Use the "SampleMod" included with WE as your base; it's a good starting/learning point
  12. I found a "SpecialDisguiseUpdate" module, but I don't know how to use it. I want to use it for a vehicle to make it look like an enemy vehicle - like the bomb truck from Generals or Sudden Transport from RA3 And, can the Cloaking Field's effect be changed in a way to have a limited duration? (aka the stealth ability given by the cloaking field, be changed to stop/deactivate after a set amount of time)
  13. commanderKW

    Reckoner crash/bug

    I remember this problem, I had it too... I forgot how I fixed it; IIRC,it was either using a specific version of WE (1.08 I think) to compile and/or extract the reckoner's XML, or a specific lines in the reckoner were fixed
  14. The MARV's mini turrets have the same bug
  15. Try adding the gravity lines of code; see Orbital strike/Mjolnir projectile and Catalyst missile projectile (those both drop straight down)