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  1. I hate China Telecom's net, now I can't reply any word on moddb, so apologize to all my friends.
  2. Happy Chinese New Year for everyone first!!! Once I tried to change the JC_CNC3EP1_ShellRemix to my new music, but always failed, no matter .wav or .mp3 So anyone could share mod source code and mp3 file since I could build it to a completed mod on my PC? By the way, eggozi44 said w3x plugin for new version max is released, but I can't find the post link, so anyone could paste the forum link?
  3. I'm busy on self business these days, and I find the news that forum will close soon. Could anyone tell me where to go later?
  4. Delete some of your new add on shader .fxo, and it will work. Some shaders may influence the decal displaying.
  5. It's usually giving upgrade to Meta Game's Strike Force Teams by WorldMapArmoryUpgradesAllowed, and it works well if the upgrade is from original game. However, it doesn't work if upgrade is self_maded. And I tried to set both two upgrades(original and self_made) can set status change, it still no work. For example, in Meta Game the SFT is gained upgrade by WorldMapArmoryUpgradesAllowed, I set WorldMapArmoryUpgradesAllowed="Upgrade_GDICompositeArmor Upgrade_GDIAPAmmo", the GDI Rifleman will gains armor and weapon upgrade well, but if I set WorldMapArmoryUpgradesAllowed="Upgrade_GDISelfMadeArmor Upgrade_GDIAPAmmo">, GDI Rifleman doesn't gain armor upgrade. And I set code like this, to let it appears like gain self_made upgrade in MetaGame, but actually gain original upgrade, and still gain self_made upgrade in normal game so that displayupgrade cameo could works well. WorldMapArmoryUpgradesAllowed="Upgrade_GDICompositeArmor Upgrade_GDIAPAmmo" <ArmorUpgrade id="ModuleTag_NewArmorUpgrade" Permanent="true" ArmorSetFlag="PLAYER_UPGRADE"> <TriggeredBy>Upgrade_GDISelfMadeArmor</TriggeredBy> </ArmorUpgrade> <ArmorUpgrade id="ModuleTag_NewArmorUpgradeForMeta" Permanent="true" ArmorSetFlag="PLAYER_UPGRADE"> <TriggeredBy>Upgrade_GDICompositeArmor</TriggeredBy> </ArmorUpgrade> But still no works in MetaGame.
  6. But I can't find out any clue in NODAirsupport's xml
  7. My new aircraft can't get support airpad in MetaGame. How does the MetaGame's judge? I add RELOAD_AIRCRAFT to the unit, but it still have no effect.
  8. I only found Script="SCRIPT:GDI/NOD/Alien_META_Objective_x" in metagamemap's overrides.xml, but where's SCRIPT:GDI/NOD/Alien_META_Objective_x? I can't find it in script editor by Worldbuilder.
  9. Now I've add new cities for MetaGame(please ignore the red color since I've corrected it), so it's necessary to change requirement of winning.
  10. Since 24 cities under unrest or 10 MetaTower is so easy to reach, I want change the requirement about MetaGame's winning. And 5 PlanetAssaultCarrier is invincible in automatic judging, I also want to change but can't find code in xml.
  11. Thanks very much, I'll try it in metamod. It seems you're expert in modding so do you interested in debugging my demo mod?The mutant mod sometimes crashes when many units in melee battle but I can't find where's the error, so I need an adept in disassembling to check out the bug. Well, LOADED is no effect for the transport vehicle. I'm trying EvaluateCondition
  12. Hi, Mjjstral. Thanks for earlier help about LUA Event. However, I'm trapped in new problem now. GARRISONED is effective on buildings when infantry enters in, and INSIDE_GARRISON is for infantry when garrison in structures, so how is the model tag of the vehicle which is entered by infantry? I tried and found GARRISONED is no use for vehicle. Or vehicle entered by passenger isn't related to the status named "garrison" ?
  13. As I thought, why not just consult RA3's twin blade helicopter? <CreateObjectDie id="ModuleTag_CreateObjectDie" CreationList="SUAntiGroundAircraft_Die_OCL"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL" ExemptStatus="PARKED_AT_AIRFIELD"/> </CreateObjectDie> <CreateObjectDie id="ModuleTag_CreateObjectDieAtAirfield" CreationList="SUAntiGroundAircraft_Collapse_OCL"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL" RequiredStatus="PARKED_AT_AIRFIELD"/> </CreateObjectDie> <DestroyDie id="ModuleTag_Die"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL" /> </DestroyDie> <ObjectCreationList id="SUAntiGroundAircraft_Collapse_OCL"> <CreateObject Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS" Disposition="LIKE_EXISTING INHERIT_VELOCITY SEND_IT_UP" Count="1" DispositionIntensity="100.0" VelocityScale="5.0" MinForceMagnitude="1.0" MaxForceMagnitude="2.0" MinForcePitch="90d" MaxForcePitch="75d"> <CreateObject>SovietAntiGroundAircraft_Collapse</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList> <ObjectCreationList id="SUAntiGroundAircraft_Die_OCL" Flags="CHOOSE_ONE_CREATE_NUGGET_FROM_LIST"> <CreateObject Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS" Disposition="LIKE_EXISTING INHERIT_VELOCITY" Count="1" VelocityScale="5.0"> <CreateObject>SovietAntiGroundAircraft_Collapse</CreateObject> </CreateObject> <CreateObject Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS" Disposition="LIKE_EXISTING INHERIT_VELOCITY" Count="1" VelocityScale="=$AIRCRAFT_DYING_VELOCITY"> <CreateObject>SovietAntiGroundAircraft_Dying</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList> It don't use old HelicopterSlowDeath, just CreateObjectDie is enough