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  1. To use Banner module seems can only add 1 member to squad, I once tried go straight add new RankInfo and RankToReleaseWhenAttacking to add 2 new members, but the new members don't appear from barrack, and the squad HP isn't full. However, if I sell out the barrack, the squad with new member will come out. So is there anyway to add more than 1 member to a squad in KW? And there's another question, how to build different unit by single unit_build button? I mean when training a unit by unit_built button, it will randomly come out different kinds of unit, not meaning 1 time several units come out together. By using RandomModelCondition only can let same unit with different exterior, but I need to true different unit both exterior and inner property.
  2. In TS and FS cyborg will become half body and keep this state even if healed to full HP, both modelstate and speed is changed and kept forever. I to a certain extent realized it in KW. In script there's a state ReallyDamaged, so just add ObjectGrantUpgrade(xxx) to change the modelstate and speed, also armor and supression. So it could avoid when cyborg is fixed to full HP the model suddenly becomes normal.
  3. 我有句妈卖批不知当讲不当讲。 I'm considering whether or not to tell the words"mother fxxker" in my thought.
  4. WED can open and scan TW & CC4 big file, open file-> load game definition and choose TW's definition xml, the prograss bar will become green, and if choose CC4 xml, it turns blue.
  5. Well, I changed weaponspeed, but still fast as original, no changing, I don't know why, and I didn't change any other code. I changed weaponspeed to 20, but still as fast as before, what's wrong or maybe I misunderstood?
  6. Many thx to u. Do you have some ideas to realize NOD diggin APC(well I can't rememory it clearly ,just Tib Sun's nod APC or Devil tongue), TE mod seems use shock trooper's teletransport SP, but I think it may have better way.
  7. Thanks, it seems work. And there's another question. I want to change GDICommando or ZT's flying speed, the flying function seems be controled by BezierProjectile module, and I can't find how to let speed fast or slow down. I want Cmdo flys slower than it used to be. Not only slower, but also let the path like this, it is also controled by BezierProjectile.
  8. Just like I said, it's ocl wpn, not normal projectile, so no gain exp for airship.
  9. No, I mean it can't really freefall like Kirovbomb, if the unit leave from destinated target, the bomb will still point to original target location, not ariship's below, no matter scatterradius or other. Only BezierProjectile for projectile obj, and it always moves along path from starting point to last destination. <WeaponTemplate id="MutantAirShipBomb" Name="MutantAirShipBomb" AttackRange="1" WeaponSpeed="80" AcceptableAimDelta="180d" LeechRangeWeapon="true" ScatterRadius = "1.0"// just like Firehawk HitPercentage="0%" MeleeWeapon="true" ChaseWeapon="true" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" DisableScatterForTargetsOnWall="true" CanFireWhileMoving="true" ClipSize="1" FireSound="NOD_VertigoDropBomb" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND ANTI_STRUCTURE"> <BezierProjectile id="ModuleTag_BezierProjectileBehavior" FirstHeightMin="0" FirstHeightMax="0" SecondHeightMin="0" SecondHeightMax="0" FirstPercentIndent="33" SecondPercentIndent="66" OrientToFlightPath="false"// original Firehawkbombprojectile is true, but neither is effective DetonateCallsKill="true" GroundHitFX=""/> The projectile just use Firehawkbombprojectile, and you can see it's still guided missile indeed.
  10. Well, I've added RotatingTurret="true" to wpn code yet, but no use, then I deleted it to try. It seems that it's really game's self bug and no true perfect way to solve.
  11. It seems all live shell projectile are guided-missile indeed, no matter firehawk's or vertigo's bomb. It means the projectile will fly to target for a while, must from starting point to destination, not freefall. I used to check RA3's Kirov bomb, the module ProjectileUpdate isn't in tw's xsd, so how to realize freefall bomb projectile? Again, firing too early before turret turning is still unsolved, anyone can help me?
  12. Once I faced this rather baffling problem several times, and it's rather baffling fixed without any portent. And this time I can't fix it. The code I suppose to be useful about the problem. <WeaponSlotTurret ID="3" AllowInterleavedFiring="true" InterleavedStyle="INTERLEAVE_RANDOM" WeaponChoiceCriteria="SELECT_AT_RANDOM"> <Weapon Ordering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" Template="GDIMammothTankGun" /> <Weapon Ordering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" Template="GDIMammothRangeFinder" ObjectStatus="RIDER2"/> <Weapon Ordering="SECONDARY_WEAPON" Template="MammothTankRailGun" Upgrade="Upgrade_GDIArmoryRailgunTech" /> <Weapon Ordering="TERTIARY_WEAPON" Template="GDIMammothTankRocketPods" ObjectStatus="RIDER4"/> <TurretSettings TurretTurnRate="60" TurretPitchRate="20" AllowsPitch="true" MinimumPitch="-30d"> <TurretAITargetChooserData CanAcquireDynamicIfAssignedOutOfRange="true" /> </TurretSettings> </WeaponSlotTurret> <AIUpdate id="ModuleTag_AI" AutoAcquireEnemiesWhenIdle="YES" AILuaEventsList="WWMammothFunctions"> <UnitAITargetChooserData CanPickDynamicTargets="false" SympathyRange="100.0" /> </AIUpdate> <WeaponTemplate id="MammothTankRailGun" Name="MammothTankRailGun" AttackRange="305" AcceptableAimDelta="10d" MinTargetPitch="-15d" MaxTargetPitch="15d" WeaponSpeed="1200" WeaponRecoil="15d" FireSound="Multisound:GDI_MammothTank_UpgradedCannonFireMS" FireFX="FX_RailGunFire" FireVeteranFX="FX_RailGunFireHeroic" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" ClipSize="1" ReAcquireDetailType="POST_FIRE" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND" CanFireWhileMoving="true" > <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="3s" MaxSeconds="3.4s" /> <Nuggets> <ActivateLaserNugget Lifetime="0.5s" LaserId="0" HitGroundFX="FX_RailGunHit"/> <ProjectileNugget ProjectileTemplate="MARVSonicShell" WarheadTemplate="MammothTankRailWarhead"> <VeterancyProjectiles VeterancyLevel="HEROIC" ProjectileTemplate="MARVSonicShell_Veteran"/> </ProjectileNugget> <SuppressionNugget Radius="10.0" Suppression="100" DurationSeconds="2s" /> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> <WeaponTemplate id="GDIMammothRangeFinder" Name="GDIMammothRangeFinder" AcceptableAimDelta="10d" AttackRange="300" LeechRangeWeapon="true" MinTargetPitch="-15d" MaxTargetPitch="15d" WeaponSpeed="1000" WeaponRecoil="0d" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" CanFireWhileMoving="true" ClipSize="1" ReAcquireDetailType="PER_CLIP" ShotsPerBarrel="1" DisableScatterForTargetsOnWall="true" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND"> <PreAttackDelay MinSeconds="9999s" MaxSeconds="9999s" /> <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="9999s" MaxSeconds="9999s" /> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="1" Radius="0.0" DamageType="GUN" DeathType="NORMAL"> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar= "1%"> <Filter Rule="ALL"/> </DamageScalarDetails> </DamageNugget> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate>
  13. I hate China Telecom's net, now I can't reply any word on moddb, so apologize to all my friends.
  14. Happy Chinese New Year for everyone first!!! Once I tried to change the JC_CNC3EP1_ShellRemix to my new music, but always failed, no matter .wav or .mp3 So anyone could share mod source code and mp3 file since I could build it to a completed mod on my PC? By the way, eggozi44 said w3x plugin for new version max is released, but I can't find the post link, so anyone could paste the forum link?