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  1. Supposing a unit who has a longrange weapon, and it will approach the target to let weapon fire as usual(its VisionRange is longer than weapon range). Now I need the unit still be approaching to the target until it can get in touch with( or contact with? Don't mind my grammar) it. Once I tried to add a very short range dummy weapon and attempt it will run to target, but it stopped when the longrange weapon can open fire, never go further.
  2. I may repeat my problem to let others understood. Now the KW/TW original set is if a unit contains 2 weapons, it will just move to the longer range weapon's range and stop to fire, so the shorter range weapon is unused. I need a kind of weapon or unit set, that when the unit contains two different range weapons, 1 for long weapon range, the other for short range, and though target is get in longrange weapon, it will still run to short one's range, so both 2 weapons could fire normally.
  3. There's another problem which if be solved may helpful to the first issue, that's how to truely remake ZH's overlord modularization upgrade. Now most of CC3/KW mod which try to realize Overlord sub turret upgrade function is in fact using unit's own weapon and model, by using the upgrade to show the hidden sub obj. and active the sub weapon. The ZH's overlord modularization upgrade is adding independent sub unit like spawned slave in KW such as repairing drone and invader fighter, but I always can't realize a totally same turret. If Overlord upgrade could be realized, the first issue can be solved, too. I can using sub turret with longrange and parent unit has shortrange weapon.
  4. In fact my 1.08 gamma never compiled succeed even once time.
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    May the Dickman bless you.
  6. Thx a lot, it's very useful.
  7. I tried to add FireWeaponUpdate for a KW unit to reproduce microwave tank's BBQ circle, it works well when MW tank is static, but invalid when it moves. It's not weapon itself's problem since I already set CanFireWhileMoving="true". So anyone noticed this phenomenon?
  8. I want to give Cmdo a new SP just like boobytrap to make an ocl on Tibfield, but it can't fire the SpecialWeapon if on Tibfield, but run's ok on all other obj. such as Tib, structures, husks or bridge. Cmdo's code: <SpecialPowerDispatchSpecialPower id="ModuleTag_BoobyTrapDispatch" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_PlaceSeedDispatch"> <SpecialPower SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_PlaceSeedAtTiberiumField" /> </SpecialPowerDispatchSpecialPower> <SpecialPower id="ModuleTag_BoobyTrapTechBuilding" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_PlaceSeedAtTiberiumField" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" /> <WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_TargetedSensorPodUpdate" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_PlaceSeedAtTiberiumField" SpecialWeapon="MutantPlaceSeedWeapon" StartAbilityRange="5" UnpackTime="1.5s" PackTime="1.0s" /> Wpn code: <WeaponTemplate id="MutantPlaceSeedWeapon" Name="MutantPlaceSeedWeapon" AttackRange="100.0" WeaponSpeed="800" MinWeaponSpeed="800" MaxWeaponSpeed="810" AcceptableAimDelta="20d" AutoReloadsClip="AUTO" ClipSize="0" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND" CanFireWhileMoving="true"> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="1.1s" MaxSeconds="1.1s" /> <Nuggets> <WeaponOCLNugget WeaponOCL="OCL_AlienTibHive" /> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> SP code: <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPower_PlaceSeedDispatch" Flags="NEEDS_OBJECT_FILTER NO_FORBIDDEN_OBJECTS SHARED_SYNC" TargetType="LOCATION" NameOfVoiceNameToUseAsInitiateIntendToDoVoice="VoiceBoobyTrap" WaypointModeTerminal="false" RadiusCursorRadius="20" ForbiddenObjectRange="100"> <!-- or just like this, both are effective <ObjectFilter Rule="ANY" Include="TIBERIUM_FIELD"> </ObjectFilter> --> <ObjectFilter Rule="ANY"> <IncludeThing>TiberiumField</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>TiberiumFieldBlue</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>TiberiumFieldRedZone</IncludeThing> </ObjectFilter> <ForbiddenObjectFilter Rule="ANY"> <IncludeThing>AlienTibHive</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>AlienSporePod</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>Reaper17GrowthStimulator</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>Traveler59SporePod</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>Tiberium</IncludeThing> </ForbiddenObjectFilter> </SpecialPowerTemplate> Just copy ocl TibHive's code from AlienControlCenter can't set the StartAbilityRange and it can active the SP anywhere on the map, I still need Cmdo runs to Tibfield herself and drop the ocl. So how to add an ocl SP on Tibfield to a unit?
  9. Well, I fixed this bug, it's not bug, only give TIbfield's model an OBBox to make it selectable is enough.
  10. I still can't realize this function, I tried to research TibHive's code, but I could just let ocl suddenly appears on TibField , can't wait until Cmdo approaching to it to build up. It seems I need to explain it more clearly, the function I need is like building a bunker on TibField, it needs unit choose target (to TIbfield) then come up to TibField and begin to build the structure on Tibfield.
  11. I still can't realize the ocl on TibField, so I put on my code to anyone learning to fix it, thanks any how. Please try to realize one unit can build/dig/ocl sth. on TibField, thanks again. Data.7z
  12. I just copy Saboteur's code and didn't modify it much. I now use like GDIRifleMan's digin SP(set Options="NEED_TARGET_POS") but still can't ocl on TibField Hole.
  13. Yes, it's a very wired and well known issue and seems the <TransportContainUpgradeOverride UpgradeTriggeredBy="Upgrade_DeployNODBunkerTruck" AdditionalSlots="1" /> <OpenContainUpgradeOverride UpgradeTriggeredBy="Upgrade_DeployNODBunkerTruck" ObjectStatusOfContained="UNSELECTABLE ENCLOSED CAN_ATTACK" /> will causes the crash.
  14. OCL can create different units each time, but the rally point is a problem, new ocled unit always stands still at warfactory.
  15. To use Banner module seems can only add 1 member to squad, I once tried go straight add new RankInfo and RankToReleaseWhenAttacking to add 2 new members, but the new members don't appear from barrack, and the squad HP isn't full. However, if I sell out the barrack, the squad with new member will come out. So is there anyway to add more than 1 member to a squad in KW? And there's another question, how to build different unit by single unit_build button? I mean when training a unit by unit_built button, it will randomly come out different kinds of unit, not meaning 1 time several units come out together. By using RandomModelCondition only can let same unit with different exterior, but I need to true different unit both exterior and inner property.
  16. No, I need to produce true different unit, not just look different. I've already realize looking different by randommodelcondition, but how to produce true different unit every time ?
  17. In TS and FS cyborg will become half body and keep this state even if healed to full HP, both modelstate and speed is changed and kept forever. I to a certain extent realized it in KW. In script there's a state ReallyDamaged, so just add ObjectGrantUpgrade(xxx) to change the modelstate and speed, also armor and supression. So it could avoid when cyborg is fixed to full HP the model suddenly becomes normal.
  18. 我有句妈卖批不知当讲不当讲。 I'm considering whether or not to tell the words"mother fxxker" in my thought.
  19. WED can open and scan TW & CC4 big file, open file-> load game definition and choose TW's definition xml, the prograss bar will become green, and if choose CC4 xml, it turns blue.
  20. Well, I changed weaponspeed, but still fast as original, no changing, I don't know why, and I didn't change any other code. I changed weaponspeed to 20, but still as fast as before, what's wrong or maybe I misunderstood?
  21. It seems all live shell projectile are guided-missile indeed, no matter firehawk's or vertigo's bomb. It means the projectile will fly to target for a while, must from starting point to destination, not freefall. I used to check RA3's Kirov bomb, the module ProjectileUpdate isn't in tw's xsd, so how to realize freefall bomb projectile? Again, firing too early before turret turning is still unsolved, anyone can help me?
  22. Many thx to u. Do you have some ideas to realize NOD diggin APC(well I can't rememory it clearly ,just Tib Sun's nod APC or Devil tongue), TE mod seems use shock trooper's teletransport SP, but I think it may have better way.
  23. Thanks, it seems work. And there's another question. I want to change GDICommando or ZT's flying speed, the flying function seems be controled by BezierProjectile module, and I can't find how to let speed fast or slow down. I want Cmdo flys slower than it used to be. Not only slower, but also let the path like this, it is also controled by BezierProjectile.
  24. Just like I said, it's ocl wpn, not normal projectile, so no gain exp for airship.
  25. Once I faced this rather baffling problem several times, and it's rather baffling fixed without any portent. And this time I can't fix it. The code I suppose to be useful about the problem. <WeaponSlotTurret ID="3" AllowInterleavedFiring="true" InterleavedStyle="INTERLEAVE_RANDOM" WeaponChoiceCriteria="SELECT_AT_RANDOM"> <Weapon Ordering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" Template="GDIMammothTankGun" /> <Weapon Ordering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" Template="GDIMammothRangeFinder" ObjectStatus="RIDER2"/> <Weapon Ordering="SECONDARY_WEAPON" Template="MammothTankRailGun" Upgrade="Upgrade_GDIArmoryRailgunTech" /> <Weapon Ordering="TERTIARY_WEAPON" Template="GDIMammothTankRocketPods" ObjectStatus="RIDER4"/> <TurretSettings TurretTurnRate="60" TurretPitchRate="20" AllowsPitch="true" MinimumPitch="-30d"> <TurretAITargetChooserData CanAcquireDynamicIfAssignedOutOfRange="true" /> </TurretSettings> </WeaponSlotTurret> <AIUpdate id="ModuleTag_AI" AutoAcquireEnemiesWhenIdle="YES" AILuaEventsList="WWMammothFunctions"> <UnitAITargetChooserData CanPickDynamicTargets="false" SympathyRange="100.0" /> </AIUpdate> <WeaponTemplate id="MammothTankRailGun" Name="MammothTankRailGun" AttackRange="305" AcceptableAimDelta="10d" MinTargetPitch="-15d" MaxTargetPitch="15d" WeaponSpeed="1200" WeaponRecoil="15d" FireSound="Multisound:GDI_MammothTank_UpgradedCannonFireMS" FireFX="FX_RailGunFire" FireVeteranFX="FX_RailGunFireHeroic" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" ClipSize="1" ReAcquireDetailType="POST_FIRE" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND" CanFireWhileMoving="true" > <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="3s" MaxSeconds="3.4s" /> <Nuggets> <ActivateLaserNugget Lifetime="0.5s" LaserId="0" HitGroundFX="FX_RailGunHit"/> <ProjectileNugget ProjectileTemplate="MARVSonicShell" WarheadTemplate="MammothTankRailWarhead"> <VeterancyProjectiles VeterancyLevel="HEROIC" ProjectileTemplate="MARVSonicShell_Veteran"/> </ProjectileNugget> <SuppressionNugget Radius="10.0" Suppression="100" DurationSeconds="2s" /> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> <WeaponTemplate id="GDIMammothRangeFinder" Name="GDIMammothRangeFinder" AcceptableAimDelta="10d" AttackRange="300" LeechRangeWeapon="true" MinTargetPitch="-15d" MaxTargetPitch="15d" WeaponSpeed="1000" WeaponRecoil="0d" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" CanFireWhileMoving="true" ClipSize="1" ReAcquireDetailType="PER_CLIP" ShotsPerBarrel="1" DisableScatterForTargetsOnWall="true" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND"> <PreAttackDelay MinSeconds="9999s" MaxSeconds="9999s" /> <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="9999s" MaxSeconds="9999s" /> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="1" Radius="0.0" DamageType="GUN" DeathType="NORMAL"> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar= "1%"> <Filter Rule="ALL"/> </DamageScalarDetails> </DamageNugget> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate>