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Opposing Front News - Mid/Late July 2018

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Another round of news both from the official side and the community, since neither seem to have full-blown news lately.

From the C&C: Rivals front:

  • A newly revealed community manager for the game, known only under the tag Redwood_dance210 / EA_dance210 has stated on Reddit that, quote, "there are no plans to expand pre-alpha into other territories at this time", as well as publicly announced that the progress made by players who are currently in the pre-alpha build will not be wiped, which in translation means that they will have a head-start compared to newcomers at launch.
  • Since the patch schedule for the game seems to be quite frequent as seen in the official EA Answers HQ subforum, we have compiled current patch notes and Greg Black's pre-patch announcements which shed light on why each change was made. We will keep these pages updated as new patches arrive.

From the community front:

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13 hours ago, Plokite_Wolf said:
  • Our friends at the French C&C Saga have opened up an Instagram account, where they are showing off all the C&C collections and goodies that their staff has gathered over the years.


Thanks a lot for the sharing ;-)

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