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C&C Community News - 3 August 2018

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The past few days have seen quite a few important releases in the Command & Conquer modding scene!

  • OpenRA has released playtest version 20180729, which makes the debut of the optional account integration and the use of AppImage for Linux releases (the current stable version is already there), as well as the usual array of bug fixes and balance changes.
  • The Shattered Paradise mod for OpenRA, which makes use of the yet unfinished Tiberian Sun port, has been released. It has five playable factions (GDI, Nod, Forgotten, CABAL, Scrin), and tries to make them all asymmetrical in terms of gameplay.
  • The Red Resurrection mod for Yuri's Revenge got updated to version 2.2.8, which brings balance changes primarily aimed at the European Federation, a new Ares-powered feature that prevents units from self-healing 10 seconds after taking damage, and 22 brand new skirmish/multiplayer maps.

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