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Which C&C game(s) do you want remastered?

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Well it's about time and a bit tad late for EA to finally realize listening to the fans when EA's political propaganda has gone too far with microtransactions and mismanagement on their future games. But that should not happen to future C&C games. With possible C&C games going to be remastered, which C&C game(s) do you want remastered? But I highly doubt current (and new) EA devs can do anything to remaster older C&C material if only the original ex-Westwood developers were there.

C&C95 or C&C Gold was the first C&C game to have been unofficially remastered by Nyerguds. A remaster may need some work on balancing, map zooming (on some of the smallest maps), bringing more effects, and better high-resolution graphics. Even FMVs need to be digitally remastered to HD. This should also apply to C&C Red Alert and Tiberian Sun.

C&C Red Alert was the second C&C game to have been unofficially remastered by Iran (a person) with additional assistance from Nyerguds, Hyper and several other modders as it is called Portable RA. Later on OpenRA has led to new opportunities.

C&C Sole Survivor.... should not have a remaster, but EA did try to implement that in Generals 2 with MOBA Battle Royale elements, not what C&C fans want. That game should stay abandoned.

C&C Tiberian Sun was partially remastered by Tore and Hyper. The popular mod Dawn of the Tiberian Age changed Tiberian Sun even more further.

C&C Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge..... I highly doubt EA can remaster this since they lost the source code to it after the transferring from Westwood. Only a remake can be possible.

C&C Renegade..... Totem Arts already did a remake called Renegade-X, but mostly on the multiplayer portion. I don't think the original needs a remaster unless it's patched once more for resolution options.

C&C Generals/Zero Hour is a must for remastering. The remaster of that needs to be upgraded to the latest SAGE that was used in RA3 and C&C4. It also needs heavy work on the graphics, the balancing, the pathfinding and the AI. The Generals Evolution mod for Red Alert 3 is already looking better than ever as that mod is pretty much that partial remaster of the original.

C&C3/Kane's Wrath is another must for remastering. While it can be upgraded to the latest SAGE, it also needs more content in-game, higher resolution graphics, more detailed maps, better camera, more RAM to handle in-game (even for bigger mods), more frames in-game (instead of a 30 FPS limit), more stability and less de-syncs. Plus some music from Frank Klepacki.

C&C Red Alert 3/Uprising can be remastered under certain conditions.... cartoonish effects and visuals should be replaced with realistic visuals and effects. Plus more music from Frank Klepacki. Uprising needs heavy re-balancing.

C&C4.... better remake it with the original C&C game mechanics and better story than remastering it, but keep the graphics minus cartoonish effects.

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