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Simple Projectile Help

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New thread but for something different this time around.

I've been trying to make a different projectile, namely a simple glob of plasma, like what the Cyborg Commando fires in Tiberian Sun, but the projectile model system has been doing my head in and I've opted so far to use the Nod Fuel Air Bomb Missile or NUFUEBMB as a placeholder for the weapon.

However, I've been wanting to attach the green glow of the militant rocket projectile (albiet larger) to the missile but to no avail.

I can't work out whether the glow of the missile is handled in the weapontemplate or the actual projectile itself. Whenever I look at the militant rocket projectile game object there's only the trail attached to it, no glow.

I'm kinda worried that the glow is actually modelside, since when I open the model in WrathEd there's shaders; though none of the colours on the shader corresponds to green.


I just want the Fuel Air Bomb with the same rocket glow effect, or possibly just a "blob" projectile achieved by FX / shaders if that's possible, I did try making an invisible projectile that used FX but that did nothing. :D

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I decided to have a look at the source of the glow. I extracted the Model and Textures used for the projectile. The source of the glow is from mesh NPMISSILE.RPG using textures FXMuzzle and FX2ndPassA. The color of the glow is determined by the vertex colors. Not entirely sure what controls the size of the glow but at least you'll know its in the mesh (I think). It could be possible to use Particle FX but again I'm not entirely sure. Hopefully this helps in some way.

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Thanks for the info man. :)

When I get around to setting up GMAX with the right stuff, I'll take a look at it myself.

I can't find anything about 3DSMax 9 anywhere, it seems like its completely disappeared from the web these days; and I'm a blenderphile so I'm not used to Autodesk software. :P

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