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Changing existing house / faction name (Nod)

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Fairly simple request as its in the title. :P

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the displayed name of a pre-existing faction, namely I want to change Nod.

I figure its possible and probably has a String identifier, judging by the way the faction types are different (namely Scrin being "Alien") to their ingame counterparts... but I don't know where or what the string would be called. :/

Cheers. :)

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I figured it out.

In your Mod.str file, create a new line with faction name but with INI as the prefix; like so:

    "Fist of Nod"

With the faction name taken from the PlayerTemplate.ini file. I'm not sure what the ShortDisplayName type does, but that was added in Kane's Wrath it seems.

For anyone else that wants to do the same thing :D  

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Strangely enough your thread didn't appear in the discord server (via a bot that was set to alame us if there's new thread in cncnz), so I didn't noticed the thread till now xP 

But yeah that how you do it, glad you was able to find it on your own ;)

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