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Goodbye Origin On the House. Hello Epic Store On The House?

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Ever since EA dumped Origin's On The House program for Origin's Access, less and less free games especially in Humble Bundle and GOG came out.

While UT4 is halted for now but not yet canceled, Epic Games is now fully concentrated on not only Fortnite but also to open up the Epic Store to rival against Steam, and early plans to promote one free game every two weeks (or twice a month) in the whole year of 2019 seems rather epic?! :o:o:o

Article: https://www.pcgamer.com/epic-games-is-starting-a-store-to-rival-steam



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Market-wise, competition with Steam is theoretically a good thing, but absolutely no idea how this plays out in practice.

As for giving out free games, giveaways still happen pretty regularly as far as I can tell, but the more this happens the more I am just like "what's this game, never heard of it, I don't need it anyway". But that's just me, I'm not keen on many modern titles.

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