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Superweapons icon on right side of screen missing

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Just wondering if the following is normal:

I was going for the 'apocalypse honor' achievement (build all 3 superweapons), starting as the chinese,

after a while I had a few nukes which I could use from the icon on the right side,

later I was able to build the GLA and USA superweapons but there weren't icons for those 2 superweapons on the right,

only the chinese nukes had an icon.

Whats up with that? It's very tedious having to select a scud storm or particle beam building first so I can fire it.

I find images online where all 3 superweapons have an icon on the right at the same time, are they using a mod or something?


I'm using the origin version of C&C generals,

zero hour is version 1.04


thanks for reading!


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Both Generals and Zero Hour don't have icons for superweapons your faction can't build so the images you saw are mods or some hack in the game i guess

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Default Generals doesn't have icons. Zero Hour does.

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