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I had a question about civilians in C&C:

1. In the classic games, C&C95 & RA1, civilians could be killed.  In C&C95 Nod, there was even a separate counter for civilians killed.  Civilians also fought back, albeit poorly.

2. In TIberian Sun and RA2/YR, civilians could also be killed.

3. Starting with Emperor, going into Generals & C&C3 (Unsure about RA3 as I never played it, though I read they were removed completely), civilians could not be killed. 

I was wondering if this was because of any change in gaming regulations, or if this was voluntarily done by EA?

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I don't know of any C&C that civilians can't be killed, unless they are never present. The only thing I can think of that comes close to you not being allowed to kill civilians was the cut Generals mission, Black Sheep, where the GLA wiped out a town of civilians with Toxin Tractors. The mission was pretty boring though, so it was no great loss.

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