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Tiberian and cnc lore

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I thought that I would take another look at the lore from the cnc games. I remember that there previously was a thread on the Petroglyph forums where they had collected a lot of answers to questions from the community. What where Westwoods intentions with the series, Scrin, future games etc.

I would highly appreciate if you could post everything you have saved/archived. There must have been tons of interviews over the years as well as a lot of interesting threads.
If you remember some interesting threads in general about cnc lore that would be of great interest as well!

I'm especially interested in:
Tiberium, Kane, Scrin, The Tacitus and Cabal. I'm also interested in Westwoods plans for the third game in the Tiberian saga.

e: We must make sure to save everything! Ideas from former developers, good fan ideas and more!


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I managed to boot up my old external hard-drive and found an essay from 2007 by Andrew Lee call C&C history. Do you know if there's more of that stuff?

e: And who is Andrew Lee?

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