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Building a New Computer Help

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Hey guys, I remember a long time ago you guys we're, and proably still are, extremly knowledgable about computers. I'm about to build a new one for my self, and Would like some opinion. Here is what I have so far.


Thermaltake Xaser V Damier Black Full-Tower Case, Model "V5000A" -RETAIL


Case Type: Modern Tower –Xaser V Damier

Color: Black

Material: Metal

Drive Bays: 5.25" x 5/0, 3.5" x 2/3 (external/internal)

Expansion Slots: 7

Front Ports: Dual USB2.0, IEEE1394 Firewire, audio & speaker ports

Power Supply: N/A

Cooling System: 2 x 80mm, 3 x 90mm

Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX, Standard ATX & Extended ATX(Dual CPU)

Dimensions: 19"x 8"x 22" (HxWxD)

Special Features: Tt VIP Pack include: Damier series mouse pad, sticker, CD-ROM disc with screen saver and wallpapers more info-> N82E16811133119





Intel "D875PBZLK FMB 1.5" i875P Chipset Motherboard for Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPU -RETAIL


Supported CPU: Intel Pentium 4 / Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Processors (Hyper-Threading)

Chipset: Intel 875P + ICH5R

FSB: 800/533MHz

RAM: 4x DIMM for Dual-Channel DDR400/333(ECC) Max 4GB

IDE: 2x ATA 100 up to 4 Devices

Slots: 1x AGP 8X/4X (0.8/1.5V), 5x PCI

Ports: 2xPS/2,1xLPT,1xCOM,8xUSB2.0(Rear 6),1xLAN

Onboard LAN: Intel 82547EI Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbits/sec) Ethernet

Onboard SATA/RAID: 2x Serial ATA 150, RAID 0/1

Form Factor: ATX more info-> N82E16813121206





Prolink nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT Video Card, 128MB DDR, 256-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "PixelView GeForce FX 5900XT Golden Limit(PV-N35XAG (128JD))" -RETAIL


Chipset/Core Speed: nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT/390MHz

Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/700MHz


Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video)+DVI connector

Support 3D API: DirectX®9, OpenGL®1.4

Cable/Accessories: 5 Cables, 1 Adapter, 2 CD, Manual

Max [email protected] Color: [email protected]

Retail Box (See pics for details) more info-> N82E16814108132




Thermaltake Silent PurePower, 420W ATX power supply.UL, CSA, TUV, CE Approved. Intel Pentium 4 Compliant


Type: ATX

Maximum Power: 420W


Power Good Signal: 100-500ms

Hold-up Time: >16ms at Full Load

Efficiency: >65%

Over Voltage Protection: +5V trip point<+6.8V;+3.3V trip point<+4.5V;+12V trip point<+15.6V

Overload Protection: Not specified

Input Voltage: 115 VAC / 230VAC

Input Frequency Range: 47-63 Hz

Input Current: 10.0A (Measuring 90-132Vrms);5.0A (Measuring 180-264Vrms)

Output: [email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]

more info-> N82E16817153006




Intel Pentium 4/ 2.4C GHz 800MHz FSB, 512K Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - OEM


Model: Intel Pentium 4 2.4C w/ Hyper Threading

Core: Northwood

Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

FSB: 800MHz

Cache: L1/12K+8K; L2/512K

Voltage: 1.525V

Process: 0.13Micron

Socket: Socket 478

Multimedia Instruction: MMX, SSE, SSE2

Packaging: OEM more info-> N82E16819116158





gigaram 184-Pin 1GB ECC DDR PC-2700, Model GR6393-E1GB/333 - RETAIL


Manufacturer: gigaram

Speed: DDR333(PC-2700)

Type: 184-Pin DDR SDRAM

Error Checking: ECC

Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered

Cas Latency: 2.5

Support Voltage: 2.6V

Bandwidth: 2.7GB/s

Organization: 128M x 72-Bit

Warranty: Lifetime more info-> N82E16820221019





Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model WD800JD, OEM Drive Only


Capacity: 80GB

Average Seek Time: 8.9 ms

Buffer: 8MB

Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

Interface: Serial ATA

Features: Not specified

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years

Packaging: OEM Drive Only more info-> N82E16822135106




Lite-On Black 52X32X52X16 Combo Drive, Model SOHC-5232K BLACK, Retail


Write Speed: 52X CD-R, 32X CD-RW

Read Speed: 52X CD-ROM, 16X DVD-ROM

Interface: E-IDE / ATAPI

Buffer: 2MB

OS Support: Windows 95 / 98 / NT4.0 / ME / 2000 / XP

Features: SMART-BURN. SMART-X. VAS to reduce vibration & noise during recording & reading.

Packaging: Retail (w/ Nero and PowerDVD 5 software) more info-> N82E16827106937




LOGISYS SP6001BK 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System -RETAIL


Configuration: 2.1

Power Output: Woofer: 16W RMS; Satellite: 12W x2 RMS

Frequency Response: (Woofer) 30Hz-200Hz (Satellite) 120Hz-20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: more than 65dB

Remote: N/A

Features: Independent amplifier with front control knobs to easily adjust bass, treble and master volume, Independent Passive Woofer can be placed anywhere you like, V10 Satellite Speaker Unit with unique clear heavy-duty design is featured by wide frequency response, exact positioning and high resolution, External fuse setting to ensure the safety and longevity of the system, This speaker system can be directly connected to the audio output of PC, VCD.

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I would seriously consider looking the new AMD 64 chips. Cheaper (arguably better) than the P4. Match it up with some of the newer Gigabyte motherboards.

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I would seriously consider looking the new AMD 64 chips. Cheaper (arguably better) than the P4. Match it up with some of the newer Gigabyte motherboards.


Could be urban myth, but I hear the AMD run much hotter than the P4 does. Once I learn how to over clock I intend to over clock to about 3.6GHz


I've changed most things on this setup, here's what I have now...


Searching for a differnt graphics, I hear the 5900 were a rushed release.


A-Top XBlade Black/Silver Ultimate Gaming Machine With 450W PSU & Side window, Model "AT859A-BK" -RETAIL


Case Type: Mid Tower Case

Color: Black/Silver

Material: Steel

Drive Bays: 5.25" x 4/0, 3.5" x 2/5 (external/internal)

Expansion Slots: 7

Front Ports: 2 x USB2.0, 2 x audio

Power Supply: 450W

Cooling System: 1 x 80mm front Blue LED fan, 1 x 80mm side Blue LED fan

Motherboard Compatibility: ATX (12" x 10.5")

Dimensions: 17" x 7.9" x 17.3"(HxWxD)

Features: Side panel window with custom chromed XBlade design & a mesh guard more info-> N82E16811105113





GIGABYTE "GA-8I915P Duo Pro(REV 1.1)" 915P Chipset Motherboard For Intel LGA 775 CPU -RETAIL


Supported CPU: LGA775 Pentium 4(HT)

Chipset: i915P+ICH6R

FSB: 800/533MHz

RAM: 2x DIMM Dual Channel DDR2 400/533, 2x DIMM Dual Channel DDR 400/333Max 4GB

Slots: 1x PCI-Ex16,2x PCI-Ex1,3x PCI

Ports: 2x PS/2,1x COM,1x LPT ,8x USB2.0(Rear 4),2x RJ45,2x S/PDIFIn/Out),Audio Ports

IDE: 1x ATA 100 up to 2 Devices, 2x ATA 133 up to 4 Devices with RAID 0/1/0+1 by VT6410

SATA: 4x SATA with RAID 1/0

Onboard Audio: Realtek ALC880

Onboard LAN: 2x Broadcom PCIe X1 GbE

Onboard 1394: 2x IEEE1394 connectors by TSB43AB23

Form Factor: ATX more info-> N82E16813128249






Intel LGA 775 Pentium 4 530 3.0 GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - Retail


Model: Intel Pentium 4 530 w/ Hyper Threading

Core: Prescott

Operating Frequency: 3.0 GHz

FSB: 800MHz

Cache: L1/12K+16K; L2/1MB

Voltage: 1.4V

Process: 90nm

Socket: LGA 775

Multimedia Instruction: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3

Warranty: 3-year MFG

Packaging: Retail box (with Heatsink and Fan)

Notice: This Processor Works with SocketT (LGA775) Motherboard ONLY! more info-> N82E16819116184




Kingmax 240-Pin 1GB DDR2 PC2-4200, Model KLBD48K-38 - Retail


Manufacturer: Kingmax

Speed: DDR2-533(PC2-4200)

Type: 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM

Error Checking: Non-ECC

Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered

Cas Latency: 4

Support Voltage: 1.8V

Bandwidth: 4.2GB/s

Organization: 128M x 64 -Bit

Warranty: Lifetime more info-> N82E16820155127






Western Digital 160GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model WD1600JB, OEM Drive Only


Capacity: 160GB

Average Seek Time: 8.9 ms

Buffer: 8MB

Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA100

Features: High-performance with 8MB Buffer

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years

Packaging: OEM Drive Only more info-> N82E16822144203





Cyber Acoustic A5640 5.1 Black Speaker System -RETAIL


Configuration: 5.1

Power Output: 140 watts

Remote: Wired

Features: 10" Power Pro subwoofer, Illuminated remote control pod, Wood enclosed Subwoofer, Gold plated plugs more info-> N82E16836150023





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ok, don't get aitnel board get a Abit or a Asus, i had a gigabyte not getting another. If you are overclocking get the 875P motherboards (Socket 478) they overclock better than the newer ones and the ram is cheaper. You can get a case a lot cheaper than that with all those features. Don't get the old craptastic video card. Your ram is under powered. If your going to get good speakers onboard audio sucks. If your going to get that hard drive, get the SATA one for a few bucks more it will improve your preformance some. your also going to need good cooling. And for overclocking you need a good Power supply (the ones they give you with the cases are crap). hers my suggestions


P4 2.8E/3.0E

Abit/Asus 875P Motherboard

Chieftech Case

Nvidia 6600GT/6800 GT (6800 is the better one) or a Ati radeon X800Pro/X800XT

Kingston HyperX/Corsair XMS DDR 400 (PC 3200) 512+MB

Audigy 2 ZS (pain jane)

Western Digital 160GB 7200RPM SATA

Zalman CNPS 7000B

Power Supply round up i recomend a 400W+ PSU


also there are sites like Primotech and Anandtech who have reviews you might want to check out

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Could be urban myth, but I hear the AMD run much hotter than the P4 does.

Some what true, But nothing dangerous. AMD chips offer better value for your dollars. P4 is a great chip but they are expensive. Why not pay less for an AMD chip is get the same or better performance from it.

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For a case, I would reccomend the Thermaltake Tsunami - it has 2x 120mm fans, and 1x 90mm one. V.good case, I plan on getting one later this year.


Also, in temrs of video card, perhaps look at getting a Nvidia 6800GT or 6800 Ultra, if you have the money. If you don't, look at getting a 6600GT. They are on par with ati 9800 XT's, and for about the same price, but with new technology in them. Very good card, with good reviews & heardtohead articles from anandtech and the like.

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If I were you I'd start buying PC Gamer magazine. It has a computer building specs every month. Or if you have the money, buy a FragBox2. But it's pretty expensive. It's cost: $4,107.

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Guest NeuralCord

Right, first thing is, go with these guys, go with AMD, take a look at their 64-bit CPUs. Also, the new P4's are apparently a real whore to overclock as the multiplier is pinned down, the 775 socket breaks after about 5 installs, and they need a cooler the size of Norway to cool. If you do go AMD then make sure it's a Socket 939/ 939 Pin CPU and motherboard, this is beacuse the old crossover standard of 940 is being killed off.


Also, the graphics, DO NOT BUY SOMETHING THAT IS TOP OF THE RANGE, go for the model below, or the mid-range model, you will get more bang for your buck and the prices stay relativley the same so you won't be crying when you see that £460 card drop to £300. If you are going to go 64-bit on an AMD CPU look into buying a PCI-E (PCI Express) Graphics Card, especially one of the new GeForce cards as you can pair 2 of them together in an SLI arrangement and get a **** load of pixel pumping power. Don't start moaning that it's PCI, PCI-Express is a bajillion times faster and is to replace AGP.


You ideally want a case which takes 120mm fans, they are slower RPM, therefore quiter and still shift a massive amount of air.

You'll need to spend a good amount of money on a PSU as well, and buy something that's branded.


Hard drives, you need something fast, so sod a normal IDE/ATA drive and buy a SATA drive.


What I'd reccomend:


AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or AMD FX-53 CPU (Socket 939)


1 GB PC3200 DDR RAM - Corsair or GeIL


160 GB Western Digital Caviar SATA Drive or 2x 74GB Western Digital Raptor (10000 RPM) SATA Hard Drives


Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard


GeForce 6600 GT - Will have to be a PCI-E one to go on motherboard, if you have enough cash left, get 2 of them and put them in an SLI (adaptor comes with the motherboard to connect them)

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About the AMD heat: it appears that the tables have flipped. Athlon64 now has Cool'n Quiet technology, while the Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading does not. The Hyperthreading effectively uses more energy when the processor is idle, so energy-wise (and environmentally friendlier) I guess AMD is the choice at the moment.

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the multipliers have been locked on P4 for a long time. I have never heard of the socket 775 boards breaking, overclock limited to 10% yes, but never of the socket breaking. And the heat problem was fixed a long time ago, and look at the OCing possibility of the Prescott processor Overclockers Database, the average overclock is to a speed of 3.4-3.6 Ghz with a 2.8 processor.


Also if you look at the benchmarks the P4 is just a tad behing the "superirior" Athlon 64/FX

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Guest NeuralCord

It's not the boards which are breaking, but it's the actual socket which does break.


Anyway, I think if you were to ask any hardcore pixel pushing mad man with a PC that has a pressure of more than 1 atmosphere because of the fans in it, they'd tell you to the AMD route for more bang for your buck and because they run cooler.

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I would recommend AMD as well, as their 64 bit CPU's are very reliable right now. I currently have an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (socket 754) running on an Asus K8V SE Deluxe, and it runs very smoothly. (I may upgrade to socket 939 in the future)

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Right. The Prescott is behind the AMD Athlon. The best Athlon I've seen is the 64 FX-53. Prescott CPUs are hot, and I mean REALLY HOT. A friend of mine told me that the Prescott easily gets hot.

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the heat issue was when they were first released, it has been fixed and they are actually a great overclocking processor

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