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GenTool Version 7.9 Available

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GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has received a new update, version 7.8. Here's what's new:

New features:

  • Added player rank (*) and experience points (XP) to Money Display
  • Enabled Money Display for match observers
  • Enabled full access to Camera Height and Camera Pitch feature for match observers

Fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed a crash on game shutdown caused by the use of a DirectX 8 to DirectX 9 wrapper
  • Fixed an issue that would show Money Display for players sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where Camera Height feature could be exploited in LAN matches
  • Fixed non-functional ranked maps if game client was started without internet connection
  • Removed observer player entries from Money Display
  • Removed cnc-online.net popup message when launching the game with GameRanger
  • Reworked GenTool key input manager
  • Improved Match Timer to show the actual match progress instead of passed time
  • Enabled full compatibility with Zero Hour Contra Mod
  • Upload Mode: Fixed a directory issue when uploading files
  • Upload Mode: Fixed errors 23, 35, 56 at begin of upload session
  • Upload Mode: Increased quality of uploaded images
  • Upload Mode: Decreased upload session retry wait time from 120 to 60 seconds
  • Upload Mode: Removed minimum replay size limit (5 kb) from upload session
  • Upload Mode: Improved contents and formatting of replay text information
  • Upload Mode: Improved upload session success message to show full upload url
  • Updater: Fixed broken patching of Window.big or WindowZH.big for some game installations
  • Updater: Removed broken map.ini from [RANK] Australia ZH v1
  • Updater: Disabled installations of ReadMe txt files
  • Updater: Implemented new *.dat format for generic patch files

If you already have GenTool installed, you can update it by simply running Generals/Zero Hour and exiting. If you want to do so manually or you do not have it installed yet, you can download it from the GenTool website or from here at CNCNZ.com.

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