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How can i pack the mod?

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Hello everyone. Let me tell you step by step what i am doing.

1-) I have changed the build time to conscript from 4 to 2 from here for the testing purpose.

E:\RA3 MOD SDK\SageXml\Soviet\Units\SovietAntiInfantryInfantry.xml

2-) I have copied this entire folder to here

E:\RA3 MOD SDK\Mods\Soviet

Sovied folder includes this entire folder E:\RA3 MOD SDK\SageXml\Soviet\Units and of course with the SovietAntiInfantryInfantry.xml

3-) I am building mod and error appears like this 

[00:00:02.9954466] Critical: File E:\RA3 MOD SDK\mods\Soviet\data\mod.xml not found

What is this file? How can i create this file? 



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