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Beginner searching for relevant tutorials on modding music.

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Hey Everybody,

Modding noob here. I'm trying to make a mod for both C&C3 & Kane's Wrath and need help.

What I want:
To replace almost all music. I really like C&C3 and Kane's Wrath but I've always hated 90% of it's soundtracks. I want to make a mix of Frank's best C&C music (and some gems from Dune). Seeing as C&C3 is the finale of the Tiberium games, it sort of seems fitting to me that it's soundtrack should be a mix of Frank's best work. I know the game bases it's music on game phases (building, scouting & combat) and on the zone type of the map. This is a really neat concept and I already compiled a list of songs that in my opinion would fit.

What I've tried:
I found a written tutorial on how to replace the music in Kane's Wrath: https://www.gamereplays.org/kaneswrath/portals.php?show=page&name=modding-essentials-replacing-music&st=0
I can follow and execute all the steps that are described here but somehow when I try to make my mod nothing happens. I'm sure I'm missing something simple. I've found more tutorials, but most of them seem to be going to deep into modding in a general sense, or are more about modding units or art. I was looking for a shortcut, but I guess I just have to learn more before I get what I want.

What I need:

A simple up to date guide on how to customize the music for both games. I know it's possible seeing as the guys from the tiberium essence mods have pulled it off for instance. Any pointers would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Posted (edited)

I recall Wolf made some basic guide for sound replacement or something along the lines (may be wrong >.<)

Idk of a guide that explain it throughly but I do know how to do it in KW's case,
Same method should also more or less work in TW but TW's SDK has some different stuff and I don't even have it on my PC (unlike KW's)

If you just want to do one of these one-time modding,
I can try make a different OST ver for you instead if you like rather than make a wall of text about how to pull it off,

I can do it only for KW though and will need to know the tracks you want and also need to know instead of which track you want me to put them at.

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Dude, that would be awesome! I'll dm you the list! Just one question: 

It sounds like we can only replace the music? So for instance: If the game has 5 songs for the blue zone basebuilding phase, we can't put more in?

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