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Cnc4WorldBuilder cannot launch crash

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afternoon !

download cnc4worldbuilder here :

_moving "CC4TiberianTwilightWorldBuilder.exe" setup in Command & Conquer 4 root install directory
_installing as administrator
_launching "WorldBuilder.exe" as administrator
_"Accept" user aagreement
_crash with following error in attm :


Type hash mismatch for type 0x1fd451bf in asset LargeGroupAudioMap:AirplaneLarge_Group_AmbientLoop. Expecected hash: 0x8d020dbe but got: 0xbb6b87ee
256 addresses:
(unknown)(0): WorldBuilder.exe+1000395 Debug::PreStaticInit+3147
(unknown)(0): WorldBuilder.exe+1000395 Debug::PreStaticInit+3147
(unknown)(0): KERNELBASE.dll+1220034 CharLowerW+4130
(unknown)(0): KERNELBASE.dll+1220471 CharLowerW+4567


waiting for your support specifically from @Plok @Plokite_Wolf if there because apparently at the origin of this upload on moddb too but inactive (last connection 2021)

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Haven't touched the game in years, but to start with - are you running the disc, Steam or EA App version of the game? EA App (ex-Origin) in particular is missing necessary registry files for the RA3 WorldBuilder for example, so depending on where you bought it might give a clue.


EDIT: So this topic continued in the C&C Discord. Turns out you're using version 1.00 and not 1.03 (supplying a screenshot from this exact video from 13 years ago when asked to show what you see), most likely pirated. The WorldBuilder explicitly needs the game to be patched to version 1.02 or 1.03, which would have been done automatically if it was a legitimate copy.

Thread closed.

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