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Host has left the game error :-(

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I've just tried to play Zero Hour for the first time online, (been playing it offline for a while). I've setup a new profile and everything seems to be going ok. I can see a list of all the games to join.


However when I select a game (any game) it goes into the screen where it lists the other players and you select your army. In this screen though I can't change anything like the army or the colour, but I can talk to the other players through the chat function.


After a few seconds it then kicks me back out to the list of games with the following message:


"The host has left the game"


This happens whenever I try to join any game. Has anybody come accross this before? I have a legit copy of the game and am running a AMD 64 3500+ with 1GB of RAM.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm running Win XP with Service Pack 2.


I thought it might be the built in firewall in SP2 but the same thing happens when I turn this off. I can't connect to any game.


Has anybody out there ever had the 'host has left the game' message before?

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