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Project Luukos 0.2

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Project Luukos 0.2


Direct Download:

Project Luukos 0.2 ZIP

Project Luukos 0.2 RAR




Remember that small mod I put together a while back? Well, there's a lot more in this

pkg than just one level. :lol: Lol.


I was going to use the map from the last version, but the presets got all screwed up

and would be a waste of time to try to get it working again. :( But I have a

total of 4 levels now with some with unique game types.







Project Luukos 0.2


Everything you truly need to know is in the link above. The link goes to the webpage

that will answer all of your questions about the mod (even a screenshot for each level). :)


If you have any issues getting it to run, post them and hopefully we can get it to work.


If you have any issues from missing textures to something crashing the game, please

post that too. I need to know all the stuff out of the ordinary.






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Look nice.


Might check it out later. :wink:

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