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convert RA1 maps to pictures?

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I found a program called 'raview' that will let you see your maps and save them to bmp but it hangs before loading the map. Are there any programs out that can convert a Red Alert 1 map preview to a picture, without resorting to taking many screenshots?


- Mike

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Can't think of one just now, but I'm wondering if you installed the program correctly.


4. Installation


Unzip the archive into a new directory and run install.


During the installation one of the RA CD's must be in your CD ROM drive.

The files temperat.mix and conquer.mix will be extracted from the main.mix

file from the CD.

Then the program searches for the redalert.mix file in x:westwoodredalert

where x represents all available drives.

If you have this file in a different directory you will need to set the

location manually in the raview.ini file wich will be created after



You must then edit this file to specify wich screen resolutions your want

to use.


Although the program detects wich video modes your videocard is capable

of, it cannot detect wether your monitor will support these modes.

Therefore it is important to check your monitor manual to see what the

highest resolution is your monitor can display.

WARNING: Using a higher resolution may damage your monitor.


Maybe it is hanging because you didn't specify a resolution?


Cheers for now

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It says it zooms in and out by changing resolutions so I checked all of them. Maybe I have to run it in 256 color...?


- Mike

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