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Renegade WOL to XWIS Transition FAQ

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This Renegade WOL to XWIS Transition FAQ is a repost from the RenegadeWiki site: http://www.renegadewiki.com/index.php?titl..._Transition_FAQ


What do I have to do?

Do nothing! When you play Renegade, you will be AUTOMATICALLY be directed to the XWIS servers when you select the "Westwood Online" option!


Who is XWIS?

XWIS started out as an alternative to WOL that used a client program to re-point Renegade (and other games) at the XWIS servers instead of the EA servers. Now, EA are giving control over WOL to XWIS directly. So that means that your game will look for the servers it always has but will find XWIS servers at those addresses and not EA servers.


XWIS is a service run by Strike Team, which is a replacement software for Westwood Online (WOL). The XWIS network has been running for quite some time as a optional place for gamers to connect to away from the cheaters, spammers, and bots that infest the default WOL network for the older RTS-style C&C games.


What is the history behind this change?

Strike Team approached EA about having WOL players redirected to their servers. After several months of debates, deliberations, and contracts signed, Strike Team is now ready to take over hosting WOL. All WOL game listings are now handled by the XWIS software.


When does this happen?

It has happened! November 14th was the day.


Is my password/serial secure?

Passwords sent over WOL are sent as a hash and no one (not even the people running it) can read the password directly. Serial numbers on the new XWIS WOL service are just as secure as on the old WOL service. Strike Team will have your serials in their database, but they are bound by contract with EA not to abuse this knowledge.


What role will BHS have in this?

Blackhand Studios has partnered with Strike Team to support the Renegade XWIS server. As part of this partnership, BHS will be equipped to handle several types of support issues, as well as communicating more effectively with the community through the MOTD seen when players log in.


So, is this a good thing or a bad thing for Renegade?

We believe that this change will end up being a good thing for Renegade. BHS has communicated extensively with Strike Team about current WOL issues and things that we know are different for Renegade on WOL and we expect that they will be able to have their software ready to go in that time frame.


There are, however, several people who don't want to see this change happen, so we can also expect that these individuals will exert their will towards XWIS in the form of DDoS attacks. If this happens, we hope that you will be patient and come back to playing Renegade if you get frustrated.


As always, Blackhand Studios will be attentive to any issues that arise and do everything in our power and capability to fulfill our primary goal of keeping Renegade alive.

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Guest Rabbit

I'm unpinning this thread on the basis that it is no longer accurate. For those visiting, please note that this is NO LONGER how you connect to Renegade Online.

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More up-to-date info can be found here.

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Newest Info as of 3-23-2023  to get up and running in online multiplayer:


-  Install Renegade (The First Decade Collection disk install sometimes causes issues with online play, so not recommended)

- Install Renegade Update 1.037  (link also has multiplayer Demo)    https://cncnz.com/downloads/renegade-downloads/#patches

-  Install newest client installer scripts  https://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/downloads

-  Install Map packs


-  Install Gamespy Arcade so you can see multiplayer servers https://gamespy-arcade.en.softonic.com/

 Then you should be able to see the servers under GameSpy in the game. Hope to see you there! When you come in, tell them Zephryn sent you !


Tell them Zephryn sent you!

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On 24/03/2023 at 1:38 AM, Zephryn said:

Install Gamespy Arcade

Mate... GameSpy's services have been gone for 9 years.

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