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Hey, I've just installed Tibed 2 and I'm wondering where to go to be able to edit the number of Internet Center's you can build (I want to change the build limit of 1 to unlimited, as it is the only building that is limited in the entire game unless you choose to limit superweapons, and seems kinda stupid IMO).


Anyway, any help would be much Appreciated.

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Sorry but to my knowledge koen never added the ability to modify the




string that controls that.


You can see it in the viewer but you cant edit it.


It is possible to do manually but that is a whole other story.

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I'd like to add it, but am unable to release the current TibEd development version. It's simply not ready yet.

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Hey no worries guys, thanks for the quick replies :)


Oh and to correct above, the USA strategy center is also limited to 1, but thats required so playsers can't enforce multiple strategies!

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