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Rogue Martyr

My map crashes when loading...

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Made a map added spawn points etc, everything goes well until i load it up in skirmish.


The loading bar gets half way and then i can hear the audio (as if im in the game) but the visuals cut out and a technical difficulties window appears.


Does anyone know any popular reasons for user maps crashing generals? Could it be...


-too many objects/money/etc...

-misplaced objects/etc...

-lacking something perhaps??


just some ideas to get the ball rolling...


Oh and can i move the map boundries halfway thru making a level?




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same issue, when loading a map, the loading bar appears, then i get a window appear  about the map not loading up, happens with old maps to. curious if their was a quick fix for this

Red alert 2/yuri return ,u can send me a private pm with any  ideas thx

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Do not post in threads this old, especially when your problem relates to a completely different game.

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