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Lithuanian Webmaster Re-Distributes Mods

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Originally posted here: http://forums.renegadeprojects.com/showthread.php?tid=281


Yesterday, I was informed by him about a Lithuanian website offering a wide range of mod and tool downloads from the community. These downloads are
  • Even if you don't care whether somebody else distributes your mod, you should always remember that people will blame you if their computer gets infected through your mod, and that an innocent user's computer will be ****ed using your files as a vehicle.

Not to mention that some of us would rather have users download the latest versions of the mods, not some years-old one. (The TD version up there is a RA2-version from 2002...any questions?)


As a reaction, DCoder will contact his host by e-mail, requesting the site to be taken down. He will write a Lithuanian intro, and each of the affected developement teams is invited to leave a personal note stating their wish for action in this or the Revora thread, to be included in the mail as well. The more of us demand action, the higher our chances are to get the ripper taken down.


List of downloadable software:

Red Alert 2 Map editor

Red Alert 2 TibЕd


Allied Generals Mod 2004


Destruction Mod

Kaiser Revolution




Mooman 12


Real RA2

Xtreeme Forses

Animalz Mod




Lion Mod

New Weapons

Ra2 AI

Ra2 EX


The Wars Rage



Yuris Revenge 1,001 patch

Yuris Revenge Rock patch




C&C Reloaded

C&C Nucled Mod

Code Red

Crazy Rules

Eaglered Assian Assault

Eaglered Yuris Assault

Mental Omega

MJ's Mod

Robot Storm


Savage War

Third War

Purple mod

Yuri Supernova

Ra2 Mixup


...these are the actual, copy-pasted download-designations from the site; if your mod's name is ****ed up, welcome to the club.

If your mod is on there and you want the page taken down, reply with a formal request to the host either here or at Revora.


Statement for inclusion by Renegade:

Renegade Wrote:

Dear executives at meka.lt,


while I do support the distribution of my work outside my personal webspace, the version downloadable at http://www.jaguar.meka.lt/redalert2/ is not only vastly outdated and obsolete, but also labeled wrong - this provides a twofold attack on my personal honor and my intellectual property, as the version downloadable is either

a) _not_ recognized as mine, due to the wrong name, making it essentially a plagiarism, or

B) it _is_ recognized as mine, but, through the fact that it's old and obsolete, creates an image of bad quality in my work, turning this into a case of libel against me.

Neither is acceptable.


In addition, even though I, personally, would have had no problem with the user responsible distributing a correctly labeled, current version of the mod, I nevertheless doubt other Mod Leaders have taken a similar stance toward their distribution channels. As such, the actions of this user can only be seen as large-scale software piracy and violation of intellectual property rights.


I hereby firmly request the immediate suspension of the account in question, until I and the other rights holders have reached an agreement with the webmaster about the terms of further distribution of our software.



Charly "Renegade" Kiendl

Creator of Total Destruction

[email protected]



http://www.ra2.mums.lt/ - short address for the page

http://www.jaguar.meka.lt/redalert2/ - actual address of the page

It loads slow as hell, if at all, but if you get through, simply click on "mods" and you get the list.

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Guest Rabbit

Pretty crazy. These are the kind of people who create websites cause they have nothing to do, so they host random, outdated, and sometimes useless junk.

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I just registered, for this... In a way, it's a shame that that site's down, because I enjoyed the Animalz mod and mine got fried. :(


I've searched the net and I can't find it, anywhere. :(

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This was from 9 years ago. As per our forum rules we kindly ask you not post in these very old topics. Its best to start a new a topic in the appropriate section.

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