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My contributions to C&C this year have been huge, namely all my C&C videos, and I'm adding RA2 Soviet to the list right now :D

Soviet is only available on Google Video for now, but I'll make a nice downloadable file as time allows.


Anyway, you might have noticed that some of the videos have been deleted from filefront because of inactivity :(

I regret this and I want to fix this problem for good, namely I want a place to host these files free of charge without a chance of them being deleted...

So I wonder if CNCNZ want to host the C&C videos I make?

Additionally, there are hundreds of C&C sites out there, and I bet some of them can help me host these files with some mirrors, so I ask you, if you know someone who have a C&C fansite and are willing to host the videos on that site, please contact me.


Apparently EA is going to announce their own C&C present today, we don't know what it is, but let's hope it's good!


Which C&C videos will come next? I'll probably finish with up RA2 with Yuri's Revenge.

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Just bumping to let you guys know that I've uploaded a downloadable version of RA2: Soviet to filefront, get it here.

I've also noticed that all files except RA2 Allied had disappeared from my filefront account :Z

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Yea I don't believe they stay on your FileFront account forever.


I'd just back them up on your PC, every time they're deleted, reupload.

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Yea, no way I'm deleting them from my hdd :P, and I have all my work (script files, etc) needed to reencode them (which I'm pretty sure I'll release sooner or later).

And it's pretty tedious to reupload the videos when they get deleted, thinking that I have made 10 videos so far and planning another 4 (this is the biggest reason I want to find some dedicated hosting for them somehow)...

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Hi everyone!


I've finally finished my work on the C&C3 FMVs, and am now happy to present them.

You can either download the C&C3 FMVs in 720p (1280x720) or lower quality 576p (1024x576).

Besides the obvious quality differences, the 720p version have surround sound (6 channels), whereas 576p do not.


To download 720p, you have two options:

Either download the files using a torrent on piratebay, if everyone jumps in on the torrent we'll get nice speed and everyone will be happy :D

Or you can download the files separately from filefront: prologue, act1, act2, act3, act4, act5.

I couldn't add the files together in a zip since the max upload size on filefront i 1 GB, and these are 1.06 GB :(

Note that even if your computer were able to play the cinematics in-game, you still might not be able to play the 720p flawlessly, I recommend you to try and watch the explosion of the philadelphia in the beginning of act1 and see if that scene lags for you.


You can download 576p in a 7z (no compression used) from filefront.


Be sure to use a modern media player like VLC or MPlayer.


Anyway, I've created a new thread, which I'll probably use as a primary discussion thread about these C&C Cinematics and further releases.



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