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-=Zero Hour Direct Connect=- 2 vs 3 ok, but 2 vs 4 not ok

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My friend and I like to play together via our fast Roadrunner Cable connection. We use direct connect. We can play against 3 medium or hard CPU armies just fine, but add a 4th and the game starts fine, but 10 minutes into it the game gets unplayably jerky and we have to quit.


Is there a way to run a dedicated server?


Any ideas?


We both have identical systems:

P4 2.6Ghz

1gig or Corsair Ram

Sblive 5.1 Sound card

Radeon 9700 Pros

Roadrunner Cable Internet


Up to date drivers for everything (we aren't newbs :-) )

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Guest Fluke

nah its a problem.. just EA is avoiding it and nobody seems to have the ability to get them to say anything.. likely our pc's are junk or something or even if we say we aren't n00bs we probably are to EA.. their support is the worst I ever seen. This is not a new problem, this problem has been around since Generals was released. I always play direct connect and I'm having same issues as you.. try posting in the other threads like the one that is currently 3 pages long... I bought Zero Hour thinking, by god EA must have fixed this problem.. I read on the EA forums that it was great blah blah blah and I have yet been able to play 3 humans vs 3 hard computers and finish the round.. ends with synchronization problems...


great game, stupid company..

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