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Editing Generals & Zero Hour

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This will sound like a very noobish question to all you technical minded modders out there but basicly in the olden days of red alert extracting the rules.ini file to mod units etc... was so easy even i could manage it.


But now things seem to have got a little more complex i wondered if anyone could tell me if its still possible to edit buildings, units etc... in generals and ZH?


Things i need to know is what tools i need, where to find the files and if i need to extract them and if so where i need to put them after the changes?


Ive searched the forums but cant seem to find any of this basic information, only the real technical stuff.


Thanks for any help on this :)

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So no one can explain how to use Tibed 2 for generals?


Ive tried to follow the info in the readme but for some reason my mods just arent working

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Well... TibEd isn't that well equiped for editing existing mods. Maybe I broke importing from BIG files somewhere in the code...


If you have problems with mods not working in Generals: do you have "The First Decade" edition? Because that one is broken... only Zero Hour can be modded in TFD.

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I really want to make my own side for Generals that suits me. I downloaded a mod that added a new side and hoped to simply edit it. When I choose to create a new mod using the existing mod (in Tibed), all it's sciences and command buttons are accesible and editabl but none of it's units or buildings show up. The mod works fine when plonked in the C&C Generals directory (althougth it is a tad over-powered). I have no aspirations ins terms of making new units, just a mix-and-match of existing ones. The mod included some models and skins so I would like to use some of those (so my infantry are original). The mod is United Fighting Force (UFF) and can be downloaded from here: http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/fil...ing_Force;36365 but I would prefer for my side to be called The Earth Seperatist Movement (ESM). I tried to use a tutorial to add a side by making .ini files in a folder but it did not show up in Tibed and I was not prepared to make the units and buildings manually.


Any help would be greatly apreciated!


P.S I have retail Generals patched with the latest patch and the latest Tibed

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Update: Using final big extracted all files from mod. Game runs fine but Tibed dosn't like it (error when trying to expand units or .building trees). Manually replaced UFF Nalpalm strike with cluster mines in science, command button, command set and special weapon .inis. Game crashed at start (technical problems). Replaced with original and it works again. I am sure I did everything right as I based it on the other superweapons imported into UFF from other sides. :( I don't know whether changing the UFF powerplant from the china one to the American one would be any easier...

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