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Attention UaW Digital Download Users

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Originally posed by Delphi at http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/inde...?showtopic=7581


Please read this thread if you downloaded UaW from a retailer like EBgames, GameStop, Etc and are having issues patching, we may have your fix. Below is a link to a patch file you need to download and run. After it completes the update process, UAW should run and play online just fine.




Install Instructions:


1. Click on link and save patch to your desktop

2. Click on patch file to run patch process

3. Follow patch instructions

4. After patching, run UAW


Note: This patch offers no new balances changes and is only for those players who have a digital download purchased version of Universe at War. Also, the patch is BETA. So, if you do have some issues please report them here on this forum.


Those users that downloaded from STEAM should not have to worry about the patch, but if you are having problems please give it a try.

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