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  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/rs2w1v25j6349js/Allied_Retribution_Campaign.zip/file (Hosting on MediaFire for now until I can straighten out the ModDB listing) I was inspired by the "Yuri Resurgence Campaign" by Concolor1 (which is fantastic btw you should play it) and thought of an idea where after the Allies take out Yuri on Antarctica, the Soviets with the hindsight gained from time travel turn on them and try to take over the United States (again.) And thus, the Retribution Campaign was born. Presenting: A complete 7 mission campaign for the Allies in Yuri's Revenge which takes place in the wake of the Psychic Dominator Disaster, with the Soviets again turning on the Allies after signing the treaty to defeat Yuri. You will be taken to locations all over the world and beyond in your quest to stop the Soviets from taking over the United States. Deja vu eh? There is only one difficulty setting, "Normal" with each mission getting progressively more difficult, including custom AI opponents (okay it uses the skirmish build pattern in one mission, but the others are 100% built from scratch) and other tricks along the way. Renders of all 7 maps are included in the download. I will probably make a Soviet campaign in the same timeline at some point as well. FEATURES: 7 detailed missions for the Allies with a variety of mission types, including offensive base building, commando levels, defense, timed objectives, and more, sometimes more than one in the same mission! Custom AI, not incredibly difficult but more of a challenge than the out of the box skirmish AI the game comes with. Diverse array of theaters from temperate, urban, snow, and a surprise. Finale with access to all Allied special units and abilities (Snipers, Black Eagles, Grand Cannons, Tank Destroyers, American Paradrop, and Superweapons) CREDITS: Scripting on all missions - DrDanthrax99 Most maps were generated using the Random Map Generator ingame, captured with ARES, and then ported to Final Alert for editing/scripting. The exceptions are Missions 1 and 6, which were mapped from scratch, and Mission 4, which is a wholesale extraction of the Westwood map "DC Uprising" which was modified to suit the mission. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!
  2. DrDanthrax99

    C&C Generals Fan Film - The Dragon Awakes

    Thanks for the share! I really appreciate it. And @Nmenth, I appreciate your constructive criticism, I will definitely be making improvements in the next film. As for where the GLA came from, it will be explained in the next film. However, you do raise some valid points that I am taking into consideration, and I appreciate your input.
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    The Dragon Awakes

    Hey, folks! I just completed a project with Zero Hour called The Dragon Awakes, its a short film about China declaring war on the United States for being unable to repay their massive amount of debt. Enjoy!