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    W3D Hub Launched

    Passwords use the exact same encryption on W3D Hub and Bluehell Productions Forums. Both sites are equally trustworthy and run on licensed IPB software. Everyone's passwords are just as safe as they were on BHP, but as a precautionary measure they have all been reset. The database was not stolen. It was legitimately copied by one of the owners. Only parts of the database pertaining to Apocalypse Rising and Reborn were copied. User accounts were copied to make a seamless transition and to keep all members on familiar ground. Whoever requests it can have their account removed, no questions asked.
  2. NaokiP

    W3D Hub Launched

    There shouldn't be much of a change in the goings-on over at Bluehell productions and APB. Some staffers will continue to contribute to BHP, while also joining this new community to help out on projects like Tiberian Sun Reborn or Apocalypse Rising. APB servers will remain on the launcher, and there should be no impact on gameplay for regular players (if there is, be sure to report it so it can be fixed immediately!) W3D Hub's doors will always be open in case Bluehell wants to join.
  3. NaokiP

    Donation to buy Command & Conquer from EA

    Probably because some of them really were pornstars
  4. NaokiP

    W3D Hub Launched

    C&C Reborn and RA2 Apocalypse Rising are indie games built on Renegade's W3D Engine, and as W3D Hub aims to be a central community of sorts for indie games built on the same engine, the founders thought it fitting to take inspiration from the old Westwood logo for branding. Come give W3D Hub a visit, and expect great things!