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  1. Prodigy

    w3x viewer

    o rly? i don't think so i'm not quite sure what you meant by color but i guess you're talking about the model textures as shown in my picture..?
  2. you have to change this part of your code <AudioArrayVoice> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceAttack" AudioType="voiceAttack" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceMoveAttack" AudioType="voiceAttackAfterMoving" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceCreate" AudioType="voiceFullyCreated" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceGarrison" AudioType="voiceGarrison" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceMove" AudioType="voiceGuard" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceMove" AudioType="voiceMove" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceRetreat" AudioType="voiceRetreatToCastle" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceSelectMS" AudioType="voiceSelect" /> <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceSelectBattleMS" AudioType="voiceSelectBattle" /> </AudioArrayVoice> into this <AudioArrayVoice> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceAttack" AudioType="voiceAttack" /> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceMoveAttack" AudioType="voiceAttackAfterMoving" /> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceCreate" AudioType="voiceFullyCreated" /> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceGarrison" AudioType="voiceGarrison" /> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceMove" AudioType="voiceGuard" /> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceMove" AudioType="voiceMove" /> <AudioEntry Sound="AudioEvent:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceRetreat" AudioType="voiceRetreatToCastle" /> <AudioEntry Sound="Multisound:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceSelectMS" AudioType="voiceSelect" /> <AudioEntry Sound="Multisound:NOD_RifleMilitant_VoiceSelectBattleMS" AudioType="voiceSelectBattle" /> </AudioArrayVoice> in order to make it work. same principle goes for models that may become invisible after editing the xml. like Bibber said, just read the manual.
  3. If you're talking about missions in the campaign, it will not work. Mission Maps are pre-compiled mod maps. Your changes will have no effect if the same unit/building is also modded on the mission map.
  4. Check the prefix of the w3x file in the model conditions of the Unit. It should be something like "w3dcontainer:modelname_skn" or so, i'm not sure right now. If it doesn't exist, add it.
  5. You should just Upload your Mod's xml files so we can see whats wrong.
  6. wtf? what version of wrathed are you using? i dont know any wrathed version supporting defines, xinclude & inheritfrom so far.
  7. Wrathed won't compile any AI data as long as you don't have the definition files for the AIs xml. I'm sure you noticed that WEd also doesn't show up any of the AI xml files through opening the skudef file.
  8. Why not just increase the firepower of the weapons?
  9. The campaign is completely xml based, theres no need to replace anything. Creating the raw maps would be the best thing to do first. Next step would be creating a mod with all required assets and video files... Then fire up the worldbuilder with the created mod to complete the maps.. Last thing left is to adjust the campaign, mission & tow templates and thats it.
  10. do as you wish and try it. good luck.
  11. That will require a lot more than just recreating the maps and using TE as base. do you have experience in modding & worldbuilder?