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  1. I think this is what you wanted? dur.. I could have zipped it. Here's the tga and psd I made from your file.CnCTR.zip
  2. The miniorca has 3 bones. Fx_bomb, fx_weapon_01, and fx_weapon_02. The orange place marker as shown here with the pink predator tank. I noticed the Mini didn't have one and made a mental note to add it... and apparently I did and cannot recall which bit of code I added to make it show.
  3. Lauren, I started writing code in Jan '99 with HTML in Notepad. I picked up JASC's Paintshop Pro a couple years later since Photoshop was too expensive. I used a lot of html, dhtml, shtml, xhtml, which were all precursors to xml; and the eXtensible Markup Langauge when it came out was a game changer. For added function on websites, I got to using javascript. I learned what cgi, perl, and bin was and how to use them. I did all this over a few years by reading the source codes of websites and figuring out what was what. I learned how to use Paintshop Pro really well and even tho I have Photoshop today, the UI isn't friendly imo. I liked Corel's menus much better but I use PS when I have to for things I can't do in PSP. I did a lot of graphic design for ads, posters, brochures, business cards, you name it I probably did it. I made templates for websites too. I tried my hand at Flash, didn't care for it, but really enjoyed 3D modeling. I've used Poser and Maya for different things, and an old program now called 3D world builder. Fun times. I've used 3D Studio Max when I had to for different things. I took Computer Science in college, and learned C++, Java, etc but my strength and passion was always in web design. I can bug hunt more than a dozen languages because I can read them, and have --USED-- 33 different languages, most of which are now defunct, over the past 20 years. I write automation scripts in AutoIT I still do some websites here n there, but freelance only and very infrequently. I was also a DBA of 5 completely different databases for AT&T. Since Wordpress came along, I already knew PHP and MySql, so it became easier to just set up a wordpress based site than write the code like how I used to. I do more photo restorations and coloring now too than graphic design. So please be a little more polite next time than to assume that I don't know what I'm saying. If the short answer is no, then say no and be done with it.
  4. Is there a convenient place to get sound bytes? I'd want to gather things said by Michael Ironside. I can edit the audio to just the words I want and mostly mute background noise if necessary. I'd rather not go back and watch every last movie Ironside has done in the last 10 years..
  5. Isn't it possible to make a clone of the hard coding effect? Imitation should always be possible when it comes to coding.
  6. The vision was 180. That was the problem. I adjusted the vision to equal the attack range and everything works like it should now. I only thought of that in relation to buildings, not unit too but it makes sense. I'm still working on getting it to two-fire like the Hammerhead does, which is where I borrowed a majority of the coding from for this. I notice also that a unit marker, shader, whatever you want to call it, now appears on the ground where it didn't before. Sadly, I haven't a clue which bit of coding I added to make this now appear.
  7. I reset it to be anti ground and increased the initial lock range from 100 to 450. That's helped it improve a lot for what it should be doing. I wanted it to be anti-air only, but it seems to do much better when it has ground units to target. When its on a waypoint mode, it appears to be and remain active instead of 'going to sleep', as it were.
  8. dvs1

    Worst Company in America 2016?

    Worst customer service: Comcast. I thought they bought TWC? Worst treatment of employee: Wal-Mart. On a national scale. I've worked for companies, many of which have folded by now, which were so poorly mismanaged, its still a wonder how they got into business at all or lasted as long as they did.
  9. Most everything I know is related to web design. I haven't done a thing with anything else since college more than 10 years ago now. I can read code. I can bug hunt. I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out, but when it comes to actual creation, I'm limited to what web browsers read.
  10. I got the Mini Orca that's used in the bombing runs super power to work. Hooked it up with weapon, experience, etc, everything. However, it's a rather dense thing. I have it set to be an Air-to-Air attack only, a flying version of the Slingshot basically. It's doing 2 things which make it nearly worthless. 1) It won't attack unless something is practically on top of it. Meaning if I tell it to engage, it will move to that spot and then engage. Also, if something like, like a Stormrider, is flying around it it does nothing unless told to or the Stormrider swings right next to it. 2) All modes are the same. Aggressive, Guard... no difference. The attack range is set to 355, but it does nothing until a target is less than 30 away from it. It *can* shoot at the range specified, but it does not engage. Why? I wanted to set the gun firing from the bones, fx_weapon_01 & 02, but don't know how to do that yet. I used the AA Battery fx, but only get a single fire from the area of bone 01 about 10 in front of it, which I can live with but to clean it up I was looking for a way to make it also fire from bone 02 and bring the fx closer, like the AA Battery or Slingshot does when its firing. Any ideas?
  11. dvs1

    Programming from scratch vs. mods

    My boy is 10. I started him on wc3 2 years ago and this spring introduced him to c&c and red alert. After school was out, I got one of the board games out of the basement from when I was much younger called Tower of the Wizard King. Set it up, read the rules over again, and we played it. After we went through one game, he said to me that its too bad they don't make games like this anymore, that everything was like modern warfare. Then he asked me if I had other board games like this. I have others like Clue, Clue: The Great Museum Caper, Weapons & Warriors, Risk, Dominoes 6 12 and 15 sets, Triominoes, and a few packs of cards to show him. We could discuss the pros and cons of the different genre of gaming for a decade or more into a stalemate of opinions, but I wonder if the younger generation, those born after 2000, would actually appreciate the older games like we did.
  12. are you using the w3d xml asset importer from bibber's website for 3D Studio Max 9? That's the one that worked for me. You don't import multiple files. It's one at a time.
  13. dvs1

    Programming from scratch vs. mods

    You haven't played TES unless you've been through and survived the dungeons of Arena and Daggerfall. I liked them so much I bought Redguard when it came out. There was no distinction on platform base. NES vs Sega vs vs MS vs Android/iPhone vs. a Modern computer. If you want to split hairs, start with a bald head; you'll be finished quicker.
  14. dvs1

    Programming from scratch vs. mods

    What he said. I do the same thing. Functional. Strategic. Winning is better when you look good doing it. What happened to the gaming industry some would call an evolution. I remember when WarCraft:Orcs and Humans was a new release at Wal-Mart. Now you have BlizzCon. Ravendark's analysis would be on par with discussing how old tech was replaced with new tech. The cassette vs the cd. There are different segments of people. let's say you have the 'high end' people who ride the bleeding edge of technology. Behind them you have the 'traditional' group who wait until the tech is older, more stable, then get into it. Finally, trailing behind them is the 'low tech' group who are slow to adapt. The huge profits come from the high end group who scream 'take my money!' so they can have the latest, greatest thing. Once the traditional group gets involved, the high end group has most likely moved on to something else, while the traditional group keeps it alive. The product may or may not be viable anymore by the time the low tech group gets involved. The statement that DotA killed RTS is the same thing as saying only what the high end group likes is relevant. People do get burned out on MMORPGs like LoL, Rohan, etc. Especially when the fantasy hits the wallet and its empty. The mobile games are here, for now, but look at how many there is. In another 2-3 years will they even be remembered? Maybe by some of the traditional group who never play it anymore. But people like us, who sit here reading, of all things, a command and conquer forum which is based on a game that was originally released in 1995---21 years ago. The last release was in 2008 and Red Alert was 2009. We look at a rainbow. You like the first color red and I like the last color violet. Which of us is more right? They're both colors on the opposite ends of the spectrum.That's what games are: different colors of the rainbow. But when you're a corporation whose sole purpose is to produce products for high revenue volume, the high end group is who gets catered to. Every time.
  15. dvs1

    Programming from scratch vs. mods

    I would disagree that DotA killed RTS. That would be like saying the MMORPG killed the RPG. Both are still around, but only one is a massive money making scheme for the clueless with credit cards who need to "win". Some of the most popular Android games are all RTS. Good grief, they run commercials for them with hi-viz actors!