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  1. Well it turns out you would use the name of the cursor in the "..RetailExe/1.2/Data/Cursors" folder, but you'd remove the SCC at the beginning. So SCCExplosiveCharge would just be ExplosiveCharge
  2. Every UnitAbilityButtonTemplate option listed that has an option for ValidTargetCursor always lists it as "Bombard" I assume these targeting cursors are the same as the ones listed in the "..RetailExe/1.2/Data/Cursors" folder. If so, then the cursor for "Bombard" is listed as filename "SCCTargetAbility.ani" So is there a list that cross references each cursor in that folder with the ValidTargetCursor name the game uses?
  3. MindController

    Cloned Fanatic not working properly

    Is it an internal setting? Because both fanaticbomb and fanaticdeathbomb are listed in the WeaponTemplate.xml file. And both game object xml files for nodfanatic and nodfanaticsquad make no mention of any special power being used?
  4. I edited the nod cloning special power to make units, vehicles and defensive structures act as exact copies of their original counterparts. Almost everything works except the nod fanatic. When they use their suicide ability to explode on a building, they just blip out of existence and do no damage. Where as almost every other unit functions properly. I edited this section of the NodFanatic.xml file. Here I added the additional weapon line for the cloned bomb. <WeaponSetUpdate id="720F4A50"> <WeaponSlotHardpoint ID="1" InterleavedStyle="INTERLEAVE_FIRST_AVAILABLE" WeaponChoiceCriteria="PREFER_MOST_DAMAGE" AllowInterleavedFiring="False"> <Weapon Ordering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" Template="NODFanaticBomb" Upgrade="" ObjectStatus="" IsPlayerUpgradePermanent="False" /> <Weapon Ordering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" Template="NODFanaticBombCloned" Upgrade="" ObjectStatus="CLONED" IsPlayerUpgradePermanent="False" /> I then opened up the weapontemplate.xml file and copied the existing entry for NodFanaticBomb and changed the name to NodFanaticBombCloned I also edited the AttributeModifier.xml file to include this: <AttributeModifier id="AttributeModifier_Cloned" Category="NONE" Duration="0s" MetaDuration="0" StartFX="" EndFX="" ModelConditionsSet="" ModelConditionsClear="" ObjectStatusToSet="" StackingLimit="1" ReplaceInCategoryIfLongest="False" IgnoreIfAnticategoryActive="False"> <Modifier Type="HEALTH_MULT" Value="300%" /> <Modifier Type="DAMAGE_ADD" Value="300%" /> <Modifier Type="DAMAGE_MULT" Value="150%" /> <Modifier Type="VISION" Value="130%" /> <Modifier Type="SHROUD_CLEARING" Value="130%" /> </AttributeModifier> Any ideas?
  5. MindController

    Anti-air obelisk

    Alternatively, you can edit the NODObeliskLaser entry under the WeaponTemplate.xml file. You can go to the line that says "AntiMask" and add the option "ANTI_AIRBORNE_VEHICLE".