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  1. RA2/YR Language Pack

    Chinese RA2/YR comes with subtitles and the text is in Chinese, voices/cutscenes weren't dubbed It should work tho
  2. Here I uploaded the language files for Tiberian Sun patched to version 2.03 and its expansion pack Firestorm Update: Removed unnecessary files from Tiberian Sun language packs Extras added Tiberian Sun: English: Download English Video: Download German: Download German Video: Download French: Download French Video: Download Spanish: Download Spanish Video: Download NOTE: Remove gmenu.mix from your Tiberian Sun directory before applying the Spanish language pack Firestorm: English: Download English Audio/Video: Download German: Download German Audio/Video: Download French: Download French Audio/Video: Download Extras: Tiberian Sun Soundtrack: Download Enjoy!
  3. I don't understand why would you place Windows 95 and 3.1 in "Top 5 Best Windows OSes" and place Windows 2000 and 10 in "Top 5 Worst Windows OSes"...
  4. Audio - Winamp or foobar2000 Video - VLC
  5. Here I uploaded language files for RA2 1.006 and YR 1.001 including cutscenes (campaign videos) Just extract the archived files in your RA2/YR folder. Chinese: Download Chinese Movies [Cutscenes]: Download German: Download German Movies [Cutscenes]: Download English: Download English Movies [Cutscenes]: Download French: Download French Movies [Cutscenes]: Download Korean: Download Korean Movies [Cutscenes]: Download Extras: Soundtrack: Download Euro Docs: Download Custom made translations are welcome! Enjoy!
  6. Soundtrack of Yuri's Revenge

    It's useless, it's not lossless, the WAV used in the game for soundtrack is lossy, converting it to FLAC won't make it in "higher" quality, it will be exactly the same (lossy, bad quality)