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    AI on skirmish is so hard

    Hey guys, I'm writing this to state my opinion on the AI's in Skirmish (Zero Hour), i've been playing C&C for over 4 years, and believe it or not, i haven't been able to defeat Medium army or the Hard army AI's, no matter how hard i try, i can't imagine winning against them, and the Easy is so weak, so i came to a conclusion that they should add an AI which should be weaker than Medium but a little stronger than Easy, or maybe a Mod, anyone else having the same problem with the AI's?, and if someone can tell me an a advice about how to get better at this game, i always go to the supplies at the start and the oil, but it seems i still can't win , humans can't multitask, like them. And the worst part is, i watched someone who were able to beat them at a 1v7, i tried to copy him, but it were the same .... Thanks for Reading.
  2. As the title says, how do i change a tank and a weapon damage?, like laser tank damage, or how fast can it shoots?
  3. TheKnight105

    AI on skirmish is so hard

    Thanks for the advice, i will do it, i will tell you the result after. much appreciated.
  4. TheKnight105

    AI on skirmish is so hard

    Unfortunately, yes, in a 1v1..