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  1. Nevermind it works now but how do i set the textures?
  2. The W3X Viewer doesn't seem to work? it sets to Taskkill when i load the model and crashes with the problem Clr20r3. or do i need to patch RA3 to 1.12?
  3. Hello and this is for a friend of mine who is sort of an artist. and i like to know on how to extract the models from Red Alert 3 and Uprising? Worldbuilder isn't the best for Viewing models accurately like the Naval form of the Giga Fortress. i tried to use cc3tools to extract the assets of the BIG file. https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/1779-cc3toolszip/ (This is a secondary link The original doesn't seem to work) it sorta works but not the W3D files that i think are the models. can't be save with the binviewer. any steps on how to extract the models from StaticStream.big and view them? (i don't know were Uprising store it's models because i don't have Uprising if it still going to be StaticStream.big that keeps the remaining models.)
  4. 1072=YARIREFN_A1073=YARIREFN_AD Yep i did but the frames are not looping right. or does my codes in ArtMD is wrong. i put the right shps in genermd.mix and snowmd.mix but no looping, the animation starts til all frames disappears.
  5. Hello i'm quite new into the forums and i decided to ask for help on modding for my Private use. it's my first to add structures in Yuris Revenge and i want to replace the Slave Miner with a Refinery. i downloaded MadHQ's Yuri Ore Refinery https://zombapro.ppmsite.com/ Files: yarirefn.shp yarirefn_a.shp yarirefnbb.shp ygrirefn.shp ygrirefn_a.shp ygrirefnbb.shp ygrirefnicon.shp ygrirefnmk.shp (i made a copy and rename it to yarirefn) yuminericon.shp yuriminer.hva yuriminer.vxl yuriminertur.hva yuriminertur.vxl Art ini. [Animations] 1072=YARIREFN_A 1073=YARIREFN_AD [YURIMINER] ; Yuri harvester Cameo=yuminericon AltCameo=yuminerucon Voxel=yes Remapable=yes TurretOffset=50 PrimaryFireFLH=75,0,150 [YARIREFN] Remapable=yes Cameo=ygrirefnicon Foundation=4x3 Height=6 ZShapePointMove=30,15 ; SJM is fixing zshape/zshapelocky problems, changed from 24,-48 Buildup=YARIREFNMK DemandLoadBuildup=true FreeBuildup=true BibShape=YARIREFNBB QueueingCell=4,1 ;gs A harvester will aim for this cell if it wasn't allowed to reserve the docking cell and therefore the refinery ;WaitingOffset0=512,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset1=512,256,0 ;WaitingOffset2=768,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset3=768,256,0 ;WaitingOffset4=1024,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset5=1024,256,0 ;WaitingOffset6=1280,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset7=1280,256,0 ;DockingOffset0=256,0,0 NewTheater=yes ActiveAnim=YARIREFN_A ActiveAnimZAdjust=-5 ActiveAnimDamaged=YARIREFN_AD OccupyHeight=4 CanBeHidden=False CanHideThings=true RemoveOccupy1=0,-2 RemoveOccupy2=1,-1 RemoveOccupy3=1,-2 RemoveOccupy4=2,-1 RemoveOccupy5=-2,0 RemoveOccupy6=-2,-1 RemoveOccupy7=-2,-2 RemoveOccupy8=3,1 DamageFireOffset0=30,30 [YARIREFN_A] Normalized=yes Start=0 LoopStart=0 LoopEnd=11 LoopCount=1 Layer=ground Rate=220 DetailLevel=2 [YARIREFN_AD] Image=YARIREFN_A Normalized=yes Start=12 LoopStart=12 LoopEnd=24 LoopCount=1 Layer=ground NewTheater=yes Rule Ini. [YURIMINER] UIName=Name:HARV Name=Yuri Miner Prerequisite=YAWEAP,PROC Nominal=yes ToProtect=yes Category=Support Strength=1000 Armor=medium ;Dock=PROC ; Need both in case a building from the other team is captured. Dock=NAREFN,GAREFN,YARIREFN Turret=yes Primary=20mmRapid Harvester=yes TechLevel=1 Sight=4 Speed=4 Owner=YuriCountry AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no PipScale=Tiberium CrateGoodie=yes Storage=40 Cost=1400 Soylent=1400 Points=55 ROT=5 Crusher=yes AutoCrush=yes Crewed=no SelfHealing=yes OpportunityFire=yes UnloadingClass=YURIMINER Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 VoiceSelect=WarMinerSelect VoiceMove=WarMinerMove VoiceAttack=WarMinerAttackCommand VoiceEnter=WarMinerMove VoiceHarvest=WarMinerHarvest DieSound=GenVehicleDie CrushSound=TankCrush MaxDebris=6 DebrisTypes=TIRE DebrisMaximums=4 Locomotor={4A582741-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} Weight=3.5 MovementZone=Crusher ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons ThreatAvoidanceCoefficient=.65 DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys ImmuneToVeins=yes ImmuneToPsionics=yes ImmuneToRadiation=yes ZFudgeColumn=9 ZFudgeTunnel=14 ZFudgeBridge=7 Size=3 VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,SIGHT,FASTER EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF ElitePrimary=20mmRapidE ResourceGatherer=yes;gs for the AI to handle the slave miner, it has to understand what makes money Bunkerable=no; Units default to yes, others default to no [YARIREFN] UIName=Name:YARIREFN Name=Yuri Ore Refinery BuildCat=Resource DockUnload=yes Refinery=yes NumberOfDocks=1 ;//gs revertNumberOfWaitingPoints=8 Bib=yes NumberImpassableRows=3 ; This is the fix to the Repair depots are flat and RadioContact/Enter means I can drive on you assumption. It counts from game west Prerequisite=POWER,YACNST Strength=1000 Adjacent=2 Armor=wood TechLevel=1 FreeUnit=YURIMINER Sight=6 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry AIBasePlanningSide=1 ;gs 0 for Good, 1 for Evil Cost=2000 Soylent=300 Points=80 Power=-50 Storage=200 Capturable=true Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 HalfDamageSmokeLocation1=0,0,0 MaxDebris=8 PipScale=Tiberium ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons ;DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys DamageSmokeOffset=410, 100, 165 AIBuildThis=yes TogglePower=no Spyable=yes ;WantsExtraSpace=yes ; gs This will look for a space AIBaseSpacing+1 when the computer places, but will settle for AIBasSpacing ImmuneToPsionics=no ; defaults to yes for buildings, no for others ResourceDestination=yes;gs for the AI to handle the slave miner, it has to understand what makes money Drainable=yes (i copied it with the Soviet Ore Refinery) and the rest works well but one problem is that the animation isn't looping (YARIREFN_A) i'm trying to fix this problem for hours but it's not looping. is there something missing on why it's not looping?