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  1. Hello i'm quite new into the forums and i decided to ask for help on modding for my Private use. it's my first to add structures in Yuris Revenge and i want to replace the Slave Miner with a Refinery. i downloaded MadHQ's Yuri Ore Refinery https://zombapro.ppmsite.com/ Files: yarirefn.shp yarirefn_a.shp yarirefnbb.shp ygrirefn.shp ygrirefn_a.shp ygrirefnbb.shp ygrirefnicon.shp ygrirefnmk.shp (i made a copy and rename it to yarirefn) yuminericon.shp yuriminer.hva yuriminer.vxl yuriminertur.hva yuriminertur.vxl Art ini. [Animations] 1072=YARIREFN_A 1073=YARIREFN_AD [YURIMINER] ; Yuri harvester Cameo=yuminericon AltCameo=yuminerucon Voxel=yes Remapable=yes TurretOffset=50 PrimaryFireFLH=75,0,150 [YARIREFN] Remapable=yes Cameo=ygrirefnicon Foundation=4x3 Height=6 ZShapePointMove=30,15 ; SJM is fixing zshape/zshapelocky problems, changed from 24,-48 Buildup=YARIREFNMK DemandLoadBuildup=true FreeBuildup=true BibShape=YARIREFNBB QueueingCell=4,1 ;gs A harvester will aim for this cell if it wasn't allowed to reserve the docking cell and therefore the refinery ;WaitingOffset0=512,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset1=512,256,0 ;WaitingOffset2=768,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset3=768,256,0 ;WaitingOffset4=1024,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset5=1024,256,0 ;WaitingOffset6=1280,-256,0 ;WaitingOffset7=1280,256,0 ;DockingOffset0=256,0,0 NewTheater=yes ActiveAnim=YARIREFN_A ActiveAnimZAdjust=-5 ActiveAnimDamaged=YARIREFN_AD OccupyHeight=4 CanBeHidden=False CanHideThings=true RemoveOccupy1=0,-2 RemoveOccupy2=1,-1 RemoveOccupy3=1,-2 RemoveOccupy4=2,-1 RemoveOccupy5=-2,0 RemoveOccupy6=-2,-1 RemoveOccupy7=-2,-2 RemoveOccupy8=3,1 DamageFireOffset0=30,30 [YARIREFN_A] Normalized=yes Start=0 LoopStart=0 LoopEnd=11 LoopCount=1 Layer=ground Rate=220 DetailLevel=2 [YARIREFN_AD] Image=YARIREFN_A Normalized=yes Start=12 LoopStart=12 LoopEnd=24 LoopCount=1 Layer=ground NewTheater=yes Rule Ini. [YURIMINER] UIName=Name:HARV Name=Yuri Miner Prerequisite=YAWEAP,PROC Nominal=yes ToProtect=yes Category=Support Strength=1000 Armor=medium ;Dock=PROC ; Need both in case a building from the other team is captured. Dock=NAREFN,GAREFN,YARIREFN Turret=yes Primary=20mmRapid Harvester=yes TechLevel=1 Sight=4 Speed=4 Owner=YuriCountry AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no PipScale=Tiberium CrateGoodie=yes Storage=40 Cost=1400 Soylent=1400 Points=55 ROT=5 Crusher=yes AutoCrush=yes Crewed=no SelfHealing=yes OpportunityFire=yes UnloadingClass=YURIMINER Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 VoiceSelect=WarMinerSelect VoiceMove=WarMinerMove VoiceAttack=WarMinerAttackCommand VoiceEnter=WarMinerMove VoiceHarvest=WarMinerHarvest DieSound=GenVehicleDie CrushSound=TankCrush MaxDebris=6 DebrisTypes=TIRE DebrisMaximums=4 Locomotor={4A582741-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} Weight=3.5 MovementZone=Crusher ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons ThreatAvoidanceCoefficient=.65 DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys ImmuneToVeins=yes ImmuneToPsionics=yes ImmuneToRadiation=yes ZFudgeColumn=9 ZFudgeTunnel=14 ZFudgeBridge=7 Size=3 VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,SIGHT,FASTER EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF ElitePrimary=20mmRapidE ResourceGatherer=yes;gs for the AI to handle the slave miner, it has to understand what makes money Bunkerable=no; Units default to yes, others default to no [YARIREFN] UIName=Name:YARIREFN Name=Yuri Ore Refinery BuildCat=Resource DockUnload=yes Refinery=yes NumberOfDocks=1 ;//gs revertNumberOfWaitingPoints=8 Bib=yes NumberImpassableRows=3 ; This is the fix to the Repair depots are flat and RadioContact/Enter means I can drive on you assumption. It counts from game west Prerequisite=POWER,YACNST Strength=1000 Adjacent=2 Armor=wood TechLevel=1 FreeUnit=YURIMINER Sight=6 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry AIBasePlanningSide=1 ;gs 0 for Good, 1 for Evil Cost=2000 Soylent=300 Points=80 Power=-50 Storage=200 Capturable=true Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 HalfDamageSmokeLocation1=0,0,0 MaxDebris=8 PipScale=Tiberium ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons ;DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys DamageSmokeOffset=410, 100, 165 AIBuildThis=yes TogglePower=no Spyable=yes ;WantsExtraSpace=yes ; gs This will look for a space AIBaseSpacing+1 when the computer places, but will settle for AIBasSpacing ImmuneToPsionics=no ; defaults to yes for buildings, no for others ResourceDestination=yes;gs for the AI to handle the slave miner, it has to understand what makes money Drainable=yes (i copied it with the Soviet Ore Refinery) and the rest works well but one problem is that the animation isn't looping (YARIREFN_A) i'm trying to fix this problem for hours but it's not looping. is there something missing on why it's not looping?
  2. Hi guys , i m just doing a request for this sidebar which i accidentally erased from the main file folder :
  3. A Comedy coming out next year... I like the music at the end of the clip... very catchy... Yuri is BACK?!! Holy sheeeeeeet!!! Ok Discuss or I will slap kittens...
  4. Hi guys , Im new in this forums , ok , i want add the soviet and yuri airpad in yuri revenge , but i will start with the yuri one but i have a little few problems with the new buidling Downloaded here:http://yrarg.cncguil...id=3&Itemid=102 ok , like i said , i downloaded this and put in the yr main directory i get this files: 1)Yuri Airpad ReadMe (Text) 2) ygspad_a 3) ygspad_b 4) ygspadmk 5) yuriairpadpreview (JPG) 6) pairicon 7) yaspad 8) yaspad_a 9) yaspad_b 10) yaspadbb 11) yaspadmk 2,3....11 are SHP files Then i edited Rulesmd.ini with the airpad , like this: [YASPAD] UIName=Name:YASPAD Name=Yuri Airpad BuildCat=Tech Prerequisite=SMIN,YACNST Strength=600 Armor=steel Adjacent=2 TechLevel=1 Sight=5 UnitReload=yes ;UnitRepair=yes;gs this is part of reloading + being an aircraft (Repair code is oogly, only Reload got rewritten for four ports.) Helipad=yes Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry ForbiddenHouses=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs AIBasePlanningSide=0 ;gs 0 for Good, 1 for Evil Cost=1100 Points=70 Power=-50 Factory=AircraftType Capturable=true Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 DebrisAnims=DBRIS1LG,DBRIS1SM,DBRIS2LG,DBRIS4LG,DBRIS4SM,DBRIS5LG,DBRIS5SM,DBRIS6LG,DBRIS6SM,DBRIS7LG MaxDebris=8 MinDebris=4 ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons ;DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys DamageSmokeOffset=75, 270, 140 AIBuildThis=no NumberOfDocks=4 HasStupidGuardMode=false Radar=yes Spyable=yes ImmuneToPsionics=no ; defaults to yes for buildings, no for others RequiredHouses=YuriCountry artmd.ini like this: [YASPAD] Remapable=yes Image=YGSPAD_A Cameo=PAIRICON Foundation=3x2 Height=7 Flat=yes Buildup=YASPADMK BibShape=YASPADBB ZShapePointMove=60,30 DemandLoadBuildup=true FreeBuildup=true NewTheater=yes CanHideThings=True CanBeHidden=False OccupyHeight=2 ActiveAnim=YGSPAD_A ActiveAnimDamaged=YGSPAD_A ActiveAnimZAdjust=-5 ActiveAnimYSort=100 ActiveAnim=YASPAD_B ActiveAnimDamaged=YGSPAD_B ActiveAnimPowered=false ActiveAnimZAdjust=-5 ActiveAnimYSort=100 AddOccupy1=-1,-1 AddOccupy2=-1,0 AddOccupy3=-2,-1 AddOccupy4=-3,-2 RemoveOccupy1=1,0 RemoveOccupy2=2,0 RemoveOccupy3=1,1 RemoveOccupy4=2,2 DamageFireOffset0=-36,23 DamageFireOffset1=-21,6 DockingOffset0=0,-128,0 DockingOffset1=0,128,0 DockingOffset2=256,-128,0 DockingOffset3=256,128,0 [YASPAD_A] Normalized=yes Start=0 LoopStart=0 LoopEnd=18 LoopCount=-1 Rate=200 Layer=ground NewTheater=yes [YASPAD_B] Normalized=yes Start=0 LoopStart=0 LoopEnd=7 LoopCount=-1 Rate=200 Layer=ground NewTheater=yes Now , i start the game , and the cameo works , but the unit appears invisible , what could be possibly wrong?? Thanks in Advance BTW guys , someone have the yuri´s starflare bomber SHP from Mental omega?? will work for me , If u can send me the file plz ( link) Sorry for bad english , i dont know english very much ( like 53%?)