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  1. Honestly, i just want them to leave C&C alone. So i voted for the completely new C&C. New universe, the whole nine yards. What we were left with in C&C 4 was completely terrible, and personally ill never accept what happened in that game. So if they are going to continue with their attempts to make a worth while C&C just start fresh, please. I also wouldnt mind if they tried their hand at another C&C FPS. I was kinda excited for Tiberium and id like to see what they would do, as long as it wasnt just a BF cut and paste job with C&C lore and whatnot. I think with Petro developing Grey Goo (imo it looks fantastic so far) we may hear some kind of news about C&C, well im hoping anyway. Or like Jehal they could sell the IP, i wouldnt be against that at all. But i really dont know who i would like taking it in. Really isnt anyone out there that i think would do the series justice. No big RTS names besides Blizzard and maybe the CoH guys.
  2. Lol great video, i loved (and miss) my time playing Renegade, but with St0rm gone, i really havent felt like reinstalling it. Too many great memories on St0rm. Now im waiting for RenX like so many others.
  3. Publix666

    Victory Games Drop BioWare Label

    Yeah, Bioware isnt the same dev it was either. Between DA2, Swtor and ME3 i think Bioware has lost a ton of fans and community support. Gamers i knew back then would buy any game with the Bioware name on it, wont even pre-order a Bioware game now. Signing on with EA has really destroyed Bioware, but they've at least lasted longer then most. I dont see Bioware lasting much longer though, i think if DA3 and/or their next ME project tanks, that'll be it, and with Swotor being on F2P life support now. Most gamers ive talked to have no interest in the F2P conversion because their model looking so damn greedy.
  4. Considering all im missing out of the package is RA3 Uprising, probably not. I dont have any problems running the old games on Win7 that ive found so i really dont see a reason to spend money on things ive bought dozens of times already. Unless my TFD disk suddenly vanishes, im perfectly fine with the collection i bought a few years ago.
  5. Publix666

    Sean Decker EA Russia Interview

    Meh. Still not all that excited for this. Granted it F2P so not like much hype is needed, but still...a online only RTS with no singleplayer or skirmish co-op (yet) really doesnt interest me in the slightest. RTS PvP never has. I still think this is just a move to compete with End of Nations.
  6. Publix666

    17 Years of Command & Conquer

    Ah, the game that got me gaming. I'll never forget the first time my Dad finally said "Yes" and let me on the computer to play this. Think in light of this, should load up The First Decade and give the game a run through.
  7. Publix666

    CNCNZ.com Poll: Origin & Generals 2

    A year ago, i would have said yes, but since i have around 15 games on Origin now i tolerate it now. Its no Steam, but it works. Downloads are speedy and otherwise it doesnt bother me when im doing stuff.
  8. Thats nuts. Bought a copy off Amazon a little while ago for 5 bucks. Activated it on Origin to avoid Amazon's terribad download speeds and called it a day. Its worth the 5 USD i spent. Anything over that....nope.
  9. Wow thats nuts. Never figured EA for stealing unit designs. They do look insanely similar though. Tough break for EA lol.
  10. Not really sure where to put this, but its looks great so far! I will definitely be keeping a eye on this project. Been wanting to play a C&C style RPG for a long damn time now but, well im too damn lazy to learn anything lol.
  11. It has multiplayer, you just have to have Unreal Tournament 3 to play it lol. Cant wait for the standalone though.
  12. It is sad. Im sure Renegade still has a few more years in it yet, but St0rm Renegade closing shop is just another nail in the coffin for Renegade. Sucks i have to work tonight or id stop by and play, Renegade has always been one of my favorite C&C's.
  13. Bought C&C 4 on Amazon a few days ago for like 7 bucks. Said id never buy it, but i think 7 bucks is decent enough. Still dont like the game but gotta finish out my collection.
  14. I registered as well. Worth checking out at least, and since its free there is no risk if i dont like it.
  15. Actually mod support/custom content and play is one of the first things on my mind when i buy any RTS or RPG. The game itself is only going to be interesting for so long. After that, you either shelve it, or make/play mods. If a game doesnt support mods now a days, then i wont buy it on PC, period. Thats one of the HUGE advantages PC's have over consoles, and developers are stupid to not support the modding community, because its them who keeps their game alive well after they have stopped putting out content for it, or supporting it. Sorry for going off topic, just wanted to chime in on this conversation here, because mod support will REALLY weight in on if i purchase Generals 2 or not.