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  1. Yeah, I had a giggle at that too. Its not like its written into any countries constitution or international treaty or anything. Its a couple of companies trying to buy some publicity by making gamers feel politically important. They also have some bad wording on some of them as well. Like it is every gamers right to 'expect' meaningful updates after a game’s release.. It kind of leaves a loophole there. Well, sure you can expect it, but it doesnt mean we are going to do it.
  2. gammyleg


    Thats awesome my man. I like the realism in it. Thats something that I wish they would bring back to the series, is the slightly more simplistic look - kind of like the original C&C and RA
  3. gammyleg

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Saw it over here in the UK, and I gotta say, pretty good. A lot of people I noticed were bagging it online, citing this problem with storyline and this plothole, or lack of realism or whatever. I dont think that many Transformers fans are to concerned with the reality of a bunch of transforming robots from outer space. Its just plain good entertainment. And if you dont like the movie, you can spend the time trying to spot Megan Foxs toe looking thumb. *shudder*
  4. Man, thats a travesty. I hate it when you require a once off connection in order to play a Single-Player game, let alone every time. There are a million reasons why an internet connection isn't available. Example, right now, Im overseas and have a USB dongle for internet, only problem is it blocks certain ports, and I can't access steam. Luckily steam has an offline mode. Will C&C4?
  5. to give nod the nuke, have you thought about turning the parabomb into the nuke? i have done this in earlier mods, and it worked just fine. not sure how you would implement it for skirmish/multiplayer, but it was ideal for singleplayer mods.
  6. gammyleg


    Ah, some things never change eh?
  7. gammyleg


    Hey CNCNZ.com family, how have things been? It seems everytime I leave the country and get away from the internet for an appreciable amount of time, another Tiberian/um series game gets confirmed. Outstanding for C&C4. Just started on RA3, took a bit of getting into, but not bad. How have all the old digs been? Still kicking around? I had a little look, and see some posting under new names. Anyway, pleased to meet you all again. Ill no doubt be around for a bit, until I get whisked away again
  8. Still, bloody good find, and still significant
  9. gammyleg

    China's GPS: Military Threat?

    Isnt Hungry Jacks just Queenslands version of Burger King?
  10. gammyleg

    China's GPS: Military Threat?

    Id never heard that, but now that I think about it... Man thats funny.
  11. There is a tool called the Red Alert Scenario Editor which will put buildings on the map for you, and with a whole bunch of trickery, can end up putting anthills too. However, even installing the thing can be problematic (especially with TFD), and it is kinda difficult to pick up for beginners. IF you are still keen, it can be found here - http://ra.afraid.org/html/downloads/utilities-3.html
  12. gammyleg

    Metal Gear Solid : The Movie!

    R6 is rumored to be made into a film soon, along with Without Remorse. Im a big fan of Tom Clancys books, particularly the Ryan/Clark books, Ive read every one of them, oddly, Im not a big fan of any of the Clancy games.
  13. gammyleg

    China's GPS: Military Threat?

    At the risk of pissing the americans off, quoted for truth. There was a saying in WWII - When the Brits drop bombs, the Germans run, when the Germans drop bombs, the Brits run, when the Yanks drop bombs, everyone runs. Also of note is that the last casualties to 1NZSAS Gp was friendly fire from a USAF plane.
  14. gammyleg

    Pic of the Day

    Wondering how long it would take for someone to say that... I would.