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  1. nice to see everything is still blue!
  2. Phreakly

    Red Alert 3 Beta Almost Here!

    It is only a multiplayer beta. I surprised by a couple things that I've seen. it's still fun though.
  3. I'm glad you're going Sonic! I bet you're spending more than the prescisely 24 hours I spent in Vegas when I went there. That was the only bit that really sucked. Getting to see westwood before it was shutdown was definately worth it. Can't wait to hear about your trip!
  4. Phreakly

    Fire some questions!

    What totally awesome swag did you get?
  5. Phreakly

    Command & Conquer 3 Demo Info Page

    nobody wanted to play it in RA2 or generals either...
  6. Phreakly

    Command & Conquer 3 Demo Info Page

    I want to play now....
  7. You've got to realise that a lot of people were disappointed with Tiberian Sun after all the hype and info the community got ahead of time. The same thing happened with RA2 and Generals. Since then EA has been a lot more cautious about the info they're disseminating to the community. The game is also a long ways off. They need to pace themsleves in the release of information before the game arrives. If they don't, the game will suck because we'll know the whole story before we get to experience it. And I certainly hope you don't want that.
  8. Phreakly

    My new Laptop

    Bad jokes are never nice.
  9. Phreakly

    There was a CnC mmorg

    Redwood isn't the place to look into this one. EALA would probably be the place to go. Redwood is mostly EA worldwide HQ. and it does a little bit of development...
  10. Phreakly

    Act Of War: Direct Action

    Act of War is pretty fun. I wouldn't say that the missions are short by a long shot. They make take less effort than most recent games, but they are seperate objectives and they flow together really well. I very much enjoy that fact alone. It keeps you involved in what's going on in the game. I also really like the cutscenes and I hope it shows companies like EA that live action cutescenes are still viable. Not everything has to be done in engine and feel so impersonal. I almost wish this game's opening sequence ended with a "Welcome Back, Commander"...
  11. Phreakly

    More on the next SW game from Petroglyph

    Annoyingly, with the advent of eps 1-3 no books created before they were have no credence what so ever.
  12. Happy Holidays, people. Now I can disapear untill next year.
  13. Phreakly

    GOTY Thread

    It's not about what you shoot... It's about the game. the engine it so good compared to anything else, the work put into it is top notch.
  14. Phreakly

    BfME Arrives

    I browse online, figure out what's out there, what's coming and then figure out where, when, and how to best accuire it.