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  1. Renamon

    Command & Conquer War Stories

    My lone zonetrooper vs a black hand commando squad in in Kanes Wrath conquest mode. I send the troops up to a tib field on a cliff with another huge blue field right underneath it. I thought I was screwed until I saw the stupid AI sent its units over the blue field. When they reached the top I had my zonetrooper jump down and the AI turned around and it chased my unit over the blue field AGAIN. I just kept my zt jumping up and down, making the black hands walk across the field over and over intil they died.
  2. just like they did with Red Alert and the TIbs when ra3 and tw were released.
  3. I cant believe Tib Sun is actually in the Semis and leading. Thats a crock. The tiberium universe went down hill quickly after the original C&C until it crashed and burned with C&C4. Seriously, there is no way this game should have beat out Generals.
  4. Renamon

    Pic of the Day

    these arent shoops either. somepony is actually making this mod
  5. Renamon

    Fan Made C&C Board Game

    reminds me of http://candcpapercraft.blogspot.com/2008/0...rnaut-done.html i still need to finish assembling this scud launcher
  6. Renamon

    Video of the day

    pony videos for pony forumboards thx to Jenny Sodgesock
  7. Renamon

    Games of our Childhood

    Total Annihilation Battlezone and Incoming! got them bundled for like 10 bucks iirc.
  8. Renamon

    Now Playing - Music

    Ringworm - Suicidal Visions
  9. thank god for adblock plus
  10. Renamon

    CNCNZ challenge

    Click YOUR username. Options. Find member's posts. Last page. See how far you can go without facepalming right through your skull. I couldn't make it past the first post. Its amazing to see how stupid and little thought people put into forums when they first arriive. quintuple-edit: screw it you all know what i mean. brb sleep. inb4 lock
  11. Renamon

    Now Playing - Games

    Beowolfs Rules. Hell had me going for a while but after 2 games you know exactly what they do and come up with insanely effective counters. Snipers+Mirage dual Volkovs on cliffs and over $90000000 per refinery infiltration are op. And that placement of that rock in the 2nd to last soviet mission was LAAAME.
  12. and the ponies claim another victim

  13. Renamon

    Now Playing - Music

    Naglfar - The Darkest Road