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  1. YkudzA

    New Joe Kucan Interview

    I mean that you are faster than Russian fans
  2. YkudzA

    New Joe Kucan Interview

    Sonic know more than Russian fans :S ))
  3. YkudzA

    Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

    A bit late but с Рождеством!
  4. YkudzA

    Video of the day

    My last airsoft game
  5. YkudzA

    Pic of the Day

    Awesome! btw. I`m airsofter too
  6. Agreed, ten years for nothing. EaW was good but only space battles for me.
  7. 26 october was Petrogyph anniversary (10 years) also
  8. I understand that Sonic but my home PC is like a big city garbage/trash dump and its hard to determine where I got a content. I spent 3 hrs yesterday to find the source - http://uniconposition.blogspot.com
  9. YkudzA

    Sean Decker EA Russia Interview