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  1. Huhnu

    New Article: Hate EA and C&C?

    Says you, I quite liked CNC4. And the blog was pretty good and true.
  2. We really had no documentation we were working with ourselves, there was no way for someone else to finish it for us :/ Also, why was the thread cleared of messages?
  3. Congratulations CNCNZ!
  4. Huhnu

    Red Alert Synergy Mod Interview

    The question "Have you faced any problems with in your team or the mod it self?" was never in our interview, and neither of us ever answered it. Disregard it and what it contains.
  5. That's not Yuri's War Factory.
  6. People really need to get over the faux-cyrillic, you wouldn't believe how many complaints we get about it, instead of things that could actually help Paradox
  7. We created the Seeker of our own imaginations, we don't even know what you're mod is.
  8. Huhnu

    New Red Alert Synergy Mod Update

    Hey! Thanks for posting our update I was wondering if you guys would be interested in post our Advance War Frontline update as well.(not forcing you, but just wondering if your interested) Thanks again
  9. Again, I never said you have to. I really don't mind who posts what, or where. But thanks for posting our stuff in the first place, it means a lot to me at least.
  10. I only wanted to know when, it's not like I'm telling you to ask for permission. Sorry that it had to come to you in the wrong way. And I only requested if you do it, I honestly don't mind who posts our content or where, I was requested to ask this by the main leader, SighNapse.
  11. Hello, I am the Co-Leader of Red Alert Synergy. I would request that you notify me(on my moddb preferably) if you wish to post our latest News Article here. http://www.moddb.com/members/huhnu I don't do this to be arseholish, I only wish to know where our content is being published. Thank you for your time and cooperation.