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  1. Why would anybody do that? Setting aside the fact that it's effectively pirating the game which EA won't like and has probably taken measures against, it's a huge investment of time and resources to save what is, in its current state, simply a ****ty game.
  2. Earlier Dev posts suggested that the details of the CC13 severs were simply unknown to EA, leaving them in a running state simply for lack of awareness of their existence. Due to them being hosted in the amazon cloud, discovering them was non-trivial. It's very likely that either EA did trace the bills or the closure of VG simply meant that running costs were no longer paid, as would fit the beginning of the month.
  3. Golan

    EA_CIRE Says Goodbye

    The big guys at EA told VG what to say.
  4. Not really surprised, definitely not sad. The game had potential on paper, yes; the slow development workflow coupled with the huge backlog meant they would never realistically get that done. That is, provided they wanted to in the first place, which is something I highly doubt in light of some design decisions. The game as it was would not have lived. Pulling the plug is the only acceptable course of action with this stumbling corpse. What surprises me is the harshness with which they seem to have pulled the plug on *the team*. It's sad to see so many people taking the fall for design decisions only a few persons made. But then it's EA and has always been.
  5. Some nice artwork there! I'm sure I've seen the Harbinger, APC/Tank and Firehawk before, are they rereleases? Loving that GDI style! A shame CC4 doesn't look as cool. Though it's probably good the Nod designs weren't used... @Solo Asuka was working on getting his SDK to support CC4 as well - I am sure to have seen a proof of principle screen from a small mod (very small) but perhaps he's advanced that the capabilities further yet.
  6. It sure would make sense to have some definitive milestones for when the game is considered ready for revealing it to the public. First impression and all that stuff. Doesn't have to be a physical box.
  7. Generals 1 had less than 1 percent of all buyers interested in competitive multiplayer. This is based on estimated sales of at minimum 3 million games (taking into account Gen1 being the "most sold C&C game" and RA1 being the highest listed with 3 million) and the most influential competitive Gen1 league, Clanwars, with the extrapolation to estimating the entire competitive playerbase via a factor of ten (10) applied be on the really, really safe side of making an educated guess.
  8. The problem with the "they will add SP later if you want it" is that there is no reason for SP fans to stick around until EA eventually possibly perhaps with some luck decides to add an SP of whatever kind they feel makes an SP. It requires incredible naivety to expect it to both a) happen and be of quality. Good SP is something that takes an incredible amount of time for planning and revision (not necessarily resources), you can't just slap it in a regular DLC development cycle of about 6 months. Yes, no SP at "launch" is not a bad thing - but no reliable guarantee of SP later on is. If there is one thing EA cannot expect to get through with, it's asking people to have faith that they will deliver something later.
  9. They could just as well be. That material was made for a several year long parallel production cycle, you can't just take it and cram it into a 6 month DLC cycle. Well, you can, but only if you want an even ****tier, more linear, flat campaign than the TW->RA3->TT line has led to.
  10. So they want to not do it - didn't EALA also want to patch, like, all previous games a lot more than they did? There's a long tradition of wanting for C&C, so excuse me for wanting hard evidence instead of declarations of intent.
  11. Golan

    CnCSaga.de Returns

    Just wanted to point out that I did get my 'sign of an honest relaunch' after all. Cheers for the unbureaucratic response. May you vanquish your past and conquer your future.
  12. Golan

    CnCSaga.de Returns

    Bah, I'd take it as a sign of an honest relaunch when they un-ban the people who spoke up to the previous administration. So far, the new paint is still wet and yet they already made a coup worthy of the old administration. Best of luck, they are really going to need it.
  13. Ha, nice one! Always thought the Predator design was ideal for making a TS style hovercraft out of it, this one is a pretty good execution!
  14. Personally,I think Rise of the Reds is amongst the most promising in the C&C community, too.
  15. That's kinda what Banshee said, no? Gen1 had those problems because of the name(s) attached to the faction/actions, not the actions or names alone. If they had used generic naming, there wouldn't have been the problem.