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    Been A While, eh Lads

    Certainly, it is a astonishing comeback
  2. You know, if - for example - C&C: Generals would run flawlessly w/o Gentool and some properties adjusting in executables I would say it is still compatible. Just look at the C&C: Generals topic "How to Play Generals / Zero Hour In Windows 7 x64". It has 6 pages and some people from time to time asks for help there having problem with some errors occurring here and there. This reminds me the AmigaOS developers. They sweat over very restricted source code to deliver things as basic as TCP/IP protocol. They could write something visually similar to AmigaOS and compatible with modern hardware but they crossed a point of no return so long ago, that abandoning that much work after so many years of development would be more devastating than maintaining of AmigaOS. The SAGE is same thing. Nowadays, you can write much more flexible and lightweight game engine offering same capabilities to SAGE. Moreover, you could monetize it if game demo would be eye-catching or deliver it as open source and gaining attention of other developers trying to create something together. This is why it's called nostalgia. Majority don't care about things that passionate minority.
  3. Still, I don't understand the SAGE fascination. Back in the days when it was fully compatible with hardware and software it was a pain in the less noble part of back to play longer games. RTS w/o unit limit cap is pretty crappy when it comes to 30 minutes (and longer) skirmishes because It can't sustain framerate so the longer game gets the slower it is. It can be a good start point for game developer journey but if I had some time and better than basic knowledge in programming I would just learn how to make better game engine than W3D/SAGE. IMHO it's like playing with microcomputers from 80's. You can add Internet browser, drivers for modern printers etc., but in reality solving the problems which apply to less than 1% of human population is art for art's sake. Admirable but nostalgia finally ends and developer ends with huge expertise in things no one cares about.
  4. There are few game engines worth rewriting from scratch and SAGE isn't one of them. While it can be a good practice to understand how to write own game engine I wouldn't focus too much in developing SAGE's clone. I have very little understanding in programming and my opinion isn't based on any kind of experience but from what i understand game engine written in C++ is very "homogeneous" in comparison to Java. While application written in Java can be run on any kind of device with JRE, C++ need to be written for each Windows, Mac OS X and Linux separately. Aside from that, I understand the urge of some people to challenge themselves working over obsolete engine and I honestly encourage them to study even more about game design but once they gain expertise in game's engine field they should move on with this nice chart in their CV's.
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    Now Playing - Games

    Back to Starcraft: Remastered. Unfortunetly, Blizzard raised the system requirements and game runs not as smoothly as it was on my Asus K50IJ back in the days with 1.16 patch.
  6. Its seems it is easier to play it now on Linux. Just run Wine under Windows 98 and play it without issues.
  7. IMHO this video is just wrong. There is something called unit composition and micromanagement and these are the factors player should focus on. For example, back in the days I was playing TS daily and had some achievements but I've never Point & Click on Strong / Weak units. Thing is the winner is always a player who have more units and better micro them. Better if You can do several things at the same time but choosing Strong / Weak unit? Sorry, no... If the opponent has just several tanks You always win with anti-armour units. If GDI is advancing with Titans (as they always do because this unit is OP) the best counter is to spam Rocket Infantry because You can make them more and faster. It's not a rocket science - just common sense. If someone gives a time to the opponent to build a Mammoth Tank he simply is a bad player. But let's focus on this scenario. Best way to fight with mech player is to flood him with anti-armour units. Like every other game, TW has a rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Yes, you can build tanks to counter his tanks but in that case, the winner is with more tanks. However, the better counter is to make units less vulnerable to armour attacks and higher damage against them. Depends on how good Your economy is. Sometimes You might want to gain some time by gathering more and better units to counter opponents Harvester harass. Sometimes You have to defend Harvester at all cost. All it depends on how much Tiberium You've collected and how many units You can build in no time. Thing is C&C is a very specific game due to no unit cap and lack of toolbar to manage units in groups. I remember a game in TW where I was spamming Disc Throwers in APC's and the opponent gone wild with Juggernauts. The game was at some point unwinnable for both of us simply because the minor battle began looking like Western Front during WWI - both sides fighting along frontline and couldn't breach the enemy lines.
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    Pic of the Day

    This is The Wall of Democracy!
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    Forged Battalion

    Since Empire at War, I didn't touch any of their titles. I've heard that some former Westwood employees were among their staff, but I guess it's no longer true or at least their numbers decreased... Anyway, I don't think that association with Westwood Studios is relevant any longer. For some older gamers, it's still a thing but there is whole, an entire generation of new gamers who don't even know this brand. It's more like a ball and chain for them right now. They need a new audience but associating with Team17 (also dinosaur gaming era) won't help.
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    Are there any good games left?

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, ok. Lately I've spent plenty of time on BotW or Game Dev Tycoon. Although Zelda is one of best open world game i've ever played, the GDT has something unique i like to come back from time to time. Even though it gets repetetive once you unlock all available genres, I like this feeling that I've 'developed' a game. Same here. Back in the day i loved Tiberian Sun. But for some time I can't stand the graphics, gameplay and story and prefer Generals for it's simplicity and not so dull visuals.
  11. Prove it? I have nothing against raising the argument about who's got a name after whom / what, but I'd like to see proof.
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    C&C on alternate platforms

    I don't know how it would work but
  13. Funny thing is You get no information regarding game's gameplay from the last review, lol.
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    CNCNZ Presents: C&C Radio

    There's nothing else to say - great job!
  15. It just came to me, like some revelation, that some people like base building and some don't, but none of the RTS games allows player to pass the base building to AI. Let's say you want to focus on micromanagement and leave macromanagement to AI. Choose on what AI should be focused (defence, resources, offence) and play how you want to. The only thing is, how AI would recognise the need of building defences or expansions in the late game.
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    Easter Plans

    Work, maybe some more work and when i got bored of work some work at garden.
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    Who is upgrading to Windows 10?

    MS simply has entered the market too late. Google had time to develop, polish and become a monopolist in this segment. But saying that it is useless is a bit farfetched.
  18. The ship was held under Pyramid Prime and Tacitus was stored on its deck - that's Nod campaign version. On the other hand, You have GDI campaign which contradicts the previous sentence. You don't know that. It just said to be ancient, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be part of Scrin ship crashed thousands of years B.C. Nonetheless, the Tacitus was on Scrin ship and it just happens that it contain TCN blueprints which sync with Scrin Threshold... stargate. "Using ancient data contained in the Tacitus, Kane devised a way to control the spread of Tiberium and harness it safely... but he needed GDI resources to make it happen." ~TT Manual The temperature gathered in in such explosion would evaporate atmosphere... but I get the point. Still, GDI Ion Cannon does the same damage as Nod's A-bomb (in-game at least). You don't do such thing. What tells You that he want to "call home" in TD and TS? EDIT: @Lauren as always does a great job in this thread. Thank You.
  19. Or some guy build TCN to hamper the spread of Tiberium. There's little sense. It supposed to change carbon-based life into Tiberium-based. So it's kinda strange that after 2nd Tiberium War the goal changed from infecting everybody with Tiberium, to just "call home". The destruction of Philadelphia was visible from Earth. My bet here is there was sufficient quantity of explosive on that rocket. The problem is: Noone knows why CABAL was introduced in the first place. He seems to know something, but don't share it with anyone and when there's an opportunity to do so, he go mental. It seems like it, but it's not. If he foresaw the need of Ion Cannon, why does he bother with that guy report at all? Like, why it's even prepared? If he knows that the only sufficient igniter is Ion Cannon, why does he order to make the report about it? For whom? He doesn't need to read it if he knows what's he doing but it seems he didn't know. The misleading goals of Kane? If he awaits the Scrins he looks kinda unprepared when they invade Earth. If he plans to use Ion Cannon, why he ask for the report about sufficient igniter? What sense does it make? IMHO, the plot gaps are filled offhand. It's not like the story evolves with each chapter of Tiberium saga - they're totally different stories. In TD you have evil-genius, in TS a genocidal maniac, in TW smartass who outsmart himself on each point, and in TT just a guy who wants to "call home". The more I read and watch about Tiberium the more I believe in each game we see his clone. THIS. The ship belonged to Scrins, right? So they wrote a warning in the "database" to warn lifeforms on some planet, that one day they'll come and bring Armageddon upon them? This is stupid, m'kay? Like what kind of strategic purpose it serves to warn the future prey about the invasion? You want to make surprise attack to go as smoothly as possible. Not to create problems You could avoid, amirite? So what does belong to canon and not? In game blue crystals don't explode by themselves. They need an igniter (usually a thunder or ricochet). We are told that they may explode but even in TW we don't see self-ignited explosions of blue Tiberium. We are not told anything about properties of Tiberium. Just it's toxic, possible to harvest and it spread quickly. It's not like we can read the dr. Mobius research... Where did I've stated that I'm right, huh? I'm just saying that in the comparison between TW and TT, the second game is much more comprehensible. Even though it's the most shallow part of the series at least it hold to Kane idea what TCN actually is... Who told You this comparison? Like where are the numbers proving that? We don't know the kinetic power of Ion Cannon nor A-bombs presented in the game. From what I see in gameplay the Ion Cannon is as strong as a nuclear missile. So maybe at least establish what belong to canon and what not? Because at this moment any statement there can be uploaded. It just need an external link.
  20. That's even more convoluted. So why they don't fully contaminate planet with Tiberium in the first place, huh? It's not like it's impossible - Kane with "our" technology built a missile just for this purpose... According to C&C Wiki, CABAL was designed to hold the Scrins for Kane. Messiah didn't give a damn about Brotherhood nor people. In TW it seems that he even don't bother with Nod anymore... No. There is no such statement that Ion Cannon is necessary for this operation. Just bigger detonator, but then again, he HAD A MASSIVE MISSILE used to blow up Philadelphia. I guess that would do enough blast for "call home". Inconsistence. If in some dossier we are told that Kane is some kind of genius, I bet he would have some plan "B", "C" up to "Z". But in all four games, Kane is totally different from his own predecessors. There are like 4 Kane's and each of them comes with totally different goals. P.S. I had and answer to Your last paragraph but I deleted it (not intentionally) so hold up for tomorrow. EDIT: Thank You @Lauren for encouraging me in this discussion and for such formidable involvement in this thread. It is so mature... Take care of Yourself!
  21. According to C&C Wiki: "It is highly combustible and unstable. It detonates violently when brought into contact with fire or other explosives." Does blue Tiberium explode itself or needs fire? You see, there are several types of explosives and some of them need contact with fire where some need other explosive (such as TNT). The blue Tiberium is weak explosive and it is similar reagent to pile of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate. None of Tiberium types explode itself. He didn't. He could use World Altering Missle. So how did he prepared himself after three lost wars? Because even when Scrins attack the planet, he's unable to get to stargate quickly enough to "ascend". It looks more likely that he didn't have had a plan at all or thought that somehow he'll figure out how to get to it before GDI. He finally "ascends" when GDI does not give a damn about Tacitus and build TCN all over the world, because: "Kane says so". How do You know that? The TCN are raised once Kane brings Tacitus to GDI HQ. So on the one hand, Kane tells GDI that this device will cleanse the world from Tiberium, while on the other he knows the true purpose of it. It would be impossible to design such building without knowledge how stargate works. However, if he knew that he didn't need Tacitus at all, the three previous wars were even more meaningless, because all he had to do was to wait until Tiberium will be a threat to humankind, come to GDI HQ and show them the solution - TCN.
  22. Nope. Tiberium, as such, doesn't have explosive properties. Otherwise, it couldn't be harvested. Even Liquid Tiberium isn't explosive because it needs ignition. If Scrins are in some kind of slumber between Tiberium explosions, what if Tiberium lands on a planet without lifeform at all? Philadelphia was just a high-command space station. The only reason why Kane doesn't launch his rocket could be some air-defence system deployed around Pyramid or its capability of targeting hostile projectile. From what I understand he didn't need Ion Cannon at all. Any igniter would work. The Ion Cannon shot was just a way to blame GDI for causing natural catastrophe, but did he really needed someone to take responsibility for it? He was the most hated man in the world so such PR wouldn't help him that much. After all, he started three world wars so such action wouldn't improve his rating. You're not getting the point. 1. For last three wars, he was trying to get attention from Scrins. 2. He knew that to ascend he'll need some kind of stargate. 3. The Tacitus, which he had most of the time, contained info about TCN to synch and reconnect stargate (if for some reason it'll get disconnected). All I'm trying to say for last few posts is, that Kane had to build TCN around the world in a number needed to synch with stargate once Scrins will attack the planet. The wars declared by him were useless and could've been omitted.
  23. For me, it sounds like gibberish for followers in some sect. OK, let's stop here for a moment. In the last cutscene for Nod in TS, Kane is launching a missile which transforms Earth into Tiberium field. So he had enough resources to do so. The only - feasible - reason why he doesn't launch the rocket could be the GDI air-defence system around the world. After taking down GDI - with its high command - there's literally nothing to stop him. But then again, if all he need is to blow up sufficient quantity of Tiberium, why does he bother with rocket, especially if he's - according to dossier - superintelligent? What makes you think he did not know? Kane didn't tell us about his real plan for like three wars. I just find it interesting that Westwood didn't come up to an idea of CABAL - in exchange for peace - tells everything he knows about Tacitus, enlightening how important it is to decipher it and kill Kane. After all, he went mental just because he could, amirite? I am talking about TCN Towers. The ones which were built in cooperation with GDI upon data gathered in Tacitus.
  24. But that doesn't hold up. According to Kane's dossier, the Brotherhood was found thousands of years B.C. How could organization centralized around Tiberium survive that long? If we even build a story around two aliens, who one day start an argue between themselves - let's say about future of humanity - how could one gather people around him without one of the main factors like... I don't know... Tiberium? I would've bought it if all of this was just a mystification. That organization was built in late 90's, Kane is in the late forties and whole technology used by Brotherhood is based upon work of Tratos and CABAL. That is comprehensible and it would follow with awareness of fake news. GDI warned how shady is Kane and Brotherhood, but nobody listened till the curtain fell. You don't know that. According to C&C Wiki "Tratos learned to decode it". It's pretty incisive statement, isn't it? We were never told how advanced were Tratos, CABAL's and Kane's translations of Tacitus. We were just told that Kane is swift in it, but how others proceeded - that's only speculation. Nod's machines were not particularly powerful. They still lost the war. I am not sure if it was the fault of technology or Kane's... complex schemes... Towers were raised to synch with Scrins stargates. If blueprints of Towers were held in Tacitus - and we may assume it from the very first cutscene in TW - then there also must've been a detailed note what these Towers exactly do. If so, they also contained plans of how to synch those Towers to Scrin stargate and loop starts all over again. In any case for some reason, he doesn't know about Towers for three wars he started. Wouldn't be more convenient to build Towers before Scrin attack so he could ascend without this worthless effort of three meaningless wars? All he had to do was to gather enough Tiberium (49% in shares!) and blow it up. GDI wouldn't disturb him because he would be cleansing Earth from Tiberium. Gosh, they would even dump their own reserves for good of human kind.
  25. Actually, it looks great! Maybe it takes a bit of space but it looks awesome